Monday, June 27, 2005

Nesting Instinct

We have outgrown our little 1br basement apartment. It's been a great place to live these last few years but it's time to move on. However, the MOVING ON part is not so easy. Where should we move to? For a long time, we were convinced we'd never be able to afford a house in or around Boston, but we decided to see just what our options are. We've been preapproved for a loan and have set out to see what is available in our price range (more than we expected) that suits our needs/wants perfectly (yeah, right). Part of our problem is that we are very choosy about aesthetics; we want a house with character. Most of the houses here in our price range are essentialy boxes painted in very dull, pale colors. BOR-ing. Another problem is the closer we are to Boston, the pricier the place. Further out is cheaper, but the commute times grow exponentially, especially when there is 2+ feet of snow on the ground.

Then we'll look online at properties in say, Austin, TX and we're just blown away by how much house you can get for a lot less moulah. Then we wonder, should we make another big move? The idea has it's appeal and Sylvie is young enough that she wouldn't be traumatized by the change. No little pals yet to leave behind or doorjamb growth chart to say goodbye to. But Theron and I do have friends here and having to start from scratch in that area is alot harder when you're out of college. We'd have to find new jobs as well, meaning we'd be unemployed and thus uninsured for a time which is not at all a comfortable feeling now that we have a wee one.

We have family and friends scattered around the country and even in Canada. We've been encouraged to move back to Georgia, to Tenessee, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Alabama and Ontario. Each of these places has it's appeal, but it's hard to know ahead of time if a place will really suit us and deciding to make another big leap is truly daunting.

WANTED: Conveniently located, affordable, well-lit 3br, 1.5 bath comfy/cozy house with studio space and fenced in back yard, requiring no major repairs or updates. Prefer family friendly neighborhood with good schools within walking distance of nature trails, grocery, library, laid back coffee shop/cafe. Artsy, open-minded community a plus.

Nah, we don't want much.

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Alayna said...

Sounds like you are describing NH. :)

I understand the price differences in housing prices, dependent on the area. My brother just bought a house in Brighton, NY for half of what we paid for ours, with about as much room, and he has an inground pool. Of course, it's still in Western NY, so not all that great...

We'd hate to see you guys leave, but you know we'll support you in whatever you do. At least give NH a chance, despite the commute!