Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Red House

redhouse, originally uploaded by Soothed by Rainfall.

Here is a photo of a house we saw last weekend in Framingham, aka "the red house." It is so very cute and has lots of updates but retains much of it's original architectural touches. Upsides: affordable, aesthetically pleasing, fenced in yard for Izzy, oversize garage could become a studio/workshop with a little work, practically brand new roof, water heater, paint and windows. Cons: Framingham is farther out then we'd like, no heat on the second floor and it's a bit on the smallish side (1100 square ft). I have to admit that I'm a little bit in love with this house. The hunt goes on though since we know it's a good idea to look around a little more before we decide to make any offers.


Sean said...

Ooh, I like it! And Framingham is definitely nice. A coworker of mine lives there (you've met him and his wife) and loves it. He doesn't mind commuting in on the Pike, and I think she works out closer to there.

Definitely keep looking, if only fior peace of mind, but also don't underestimate the power of building equity and moving up from there.

Aredubya said...

Indeed, Framingham's really not that far out. I know plenty of people that drive much further for work. Don't underestimate Utility Hell though - the "no heat on the 2nd floor" thing could be expensive to deal with properly. What's the current heating system? I'm massively thrilled with you guys making the metro Boston move (though we're kinda lonely up here *sniff*)

Paige said...

The heating system is forced air, oil. The upside to the place being small is that it would be easier to heat the 2nd floor with a space heater or two I'd think.

Not that New Hampshire isn't nice Randy but if we end up moving out of state, it will most likely be to another region altogether.

Aredubya said...

Fair enough - Framingham it is :)

Maaa said...

Back in the olden days there would be a hole (or holes) cut in the floor above the first floor radiator(s) so that the rising hot air would move into the upper rooms. These holes, called "registers" were filled in with lovely metal grillwork and were excellent for eavesdropping on parents..or dropping marbles down onto unsuspecting heads. Parents could also hear their recalcitrant offspring squabbling in bed and would holler up "Cut it out and get to bed or I'm comin up there!!" Kinda of a pre-tech monitoring system.
It's a cute house...what about bathrooms/kitchen? See you on the 9th!
And, you know, Framingham is not that far from Irene, is it? A good nanny is a fine neighbor!