Monday, July 18, 2005

House Hunting is Hard

This past Sunday we decided to do some reconnaissance of houses and condos in the Salem area. We had over 20 different locations mapped out and we figured that we could do drive bys of each place to get an idea of the neighborhoods they are in and thus narrow down the pack to just a few that we'd really care to see the inside of. What we neglected to take into account was the fact that Salem is not the easiest town to drive around in with all of it's narrow, windy streets and one ways. Nor did we think about how unthrilled Sylvie could be with the prospect of being strapped in her car seat for a couple of hours while we tried to get this done.

I started off trying to help Theron navigate through the warren of streets but finally climbed in the back to attempt to soothe our wee wailing banshee. Between the screeching and the twisty-turny traveling, I began to feel a trifle green around the gills. In the end, we drove by perhaps half of the places we originally planned to see and it still took us about 3 hours. We saw an open house from our list and another that was not on our list, but neither one was "it". Only one drive by--see photo-- was intriguing enough for us to want to try and get a tour of the inside, but alas, no open house that day.

We finally gave up and drove home, frustrated. To top it all off I ended up with a raging, nausea-inducing migraine that knocked me out at 5pm. When I finally woke up it was already after midnight. Makes me wish that the worst thing I had to deal with was being strapped into a car seat for a few hours. Sylvie, you don't know how easy you got it right now!

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Redpanda said...

Oooh, Paigey; you just described every one of our open house day experiences! (Minus the wailing banshee, of course!) God, I never knew carsickness like that before. I began bringing a giant diet pepsi and a bag of crackers or pretzels with me, and taking a dramamine or bonine beforehand.

Don't worry, eventually it will all be over and you will be surrounded by boxes. Oh, the boxes. :)