Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chad & Lindsey's Wedding

On Saturday, August 6th, Theron, Sylvie and I attended the beautiful, outdoor, practically-on-the-beach wedding of Theron's brother Chad to my new sister-in-law, Lindsey. At first it looked as if the weather was not going to cooperate, but luckily the rain cleared up a few hours before the big event. The ceremony was sweet and the bride and groom looked very happy together. Sylvie was her usual well behaved self during the entire wedding and reception, finally falling asleep in my arms during the father/daughter dance.


Doah said...

Awwww...lookit Sylvie in her little polka dot dress. Dwee little pixie.

Also re previous posts:

Huzzah for your first home. You have inspired Al and I, we are starting to look at what kind of mortgage we could get.

Finally - soooo jealous of five month post partum Paige in a bathing suit already!

Paige said...

Yeah, I was wearing a bathing suit but it's hardly a coincidence that my mid-section was kept well hidden by Sylvie in her floatie.