Monday, August 15, 2005

Down payment, ouch! Let's buy a new couch!

Theron and I, like our pals and fellow new home owners Amanda and Sean, decided to take advantage of the tax-free weekend to start outfitting our new domicile. It's funny how writing out a check for the down payment on our condo made the cost of our later-that-same-day-purchase of some brand new living room furniture seem like pocket change.

(We bought the couch and the chair but not the "shez".)

And yes we know that a light colored couch is not the best thing to buy when living with a cat, a dog and a baby, but this set didn't come in a darker color. But it's microfiber, which is easy to clean AND we can always buy slip covers!


Redpanda said...

Ooooo. Pretty. Envy!

I long for a new living room set, but my mom's thrifty streak won't allow me to dispose of one that is perfectly good just because I want one in a different color. Sigh.

Of course, this thriftiness does not apply to laptops. ;)

redpanda said...

Oh, and isn't that downpayment check something? I wasn't sure I could make that many digits fit on the line. Most of my checks (not that I write checks anymore...) are, like, 25 bucks.