Friday, September 30, 2005

Cousin Blob

Mucho felicitations, congratulations and excitations to my sister Amanda and her hubby Travis on the impending arrival of their firstborn! (Apparently they weren't going to tell me about it but Travis let it slip when I asked him about stomach pains that Manda had mentioned him having and he said he guessed it was "sympathy morning sickness.") Manda is only about a month along so Sylvie's first first cousin should probably be arriving sometime next June. As it is way too early to know the gender (which A & T are refusing to divulge anyway as well as their name choices; copycats!) I have dubbed the tiny zygote, "Cousin Blob." Once s/he has outgrown the blobby stage, I am thinking perhaps, "Frankie Fetus."

Or how about this for a giggle: Theron and I had the Wee Wallis Whatsit name for Sylvie...let's try to come up with something similar for "Cousin Blob" but with Gentry worked in somehow.

My first suggestion: Golly Gee Gentry
Woo hoo, let the games begin!


Aredubya said...

Neener neener, I found out first :P Hooray for instant messaging! Gratz Manda and Travis, you crazy kids.

theron said...

they had sex.

Redpanda said...

Hey, congrats!

Doah said...

Hmmmm "Gentry Gestation" Gent-gest for short.