Thursday, September 22, 2005

HGTV Junkie

I love HGTV. LOVE it. Especially now that we actually have a place of our own. HGTV is to blame for fueling my burning desire to take on beaucoup DIY projects. I want to make so many things for our house...I just need lots of time and extra money for supplies first! I'm hoping to eventually make some roman shades , crochet some floor rugs, make a new duvet cover , maybe even do some decorative mosaic tiling in the bathroom. I know that Theron would love to make some furniture, but that requires lots of power tools which we don't have and won't be able to afford for a while. See how crazy we are?!

The backyard has so much unexplored potential....I'm thinking raised flower beds with pretty regional wild flowers perhaps, an herb garden and a patio for BBQs and entertaining. We'd love to get a composter, like these and maybe even a Pet Waste Digestor System

Aside from a few minor details, the prior owners had similar taste in decor to us, so we've already got some kick-@$$ light and faucet fixtures. The rooms have been painted in a myriad of bright colors and I think we'll keep most of them as is. The bright red-orange of the attic space (complimented (?) with two red-orange-yellow sponge painted walls) will change for sure and I think the salmon-y pink of the bathroom is also a bit much. The pale green color in our bedroom is a bit too cold so that will also be altered. My vote for replacement color is the green (select colorname/number and type in "asparagus") we had in our old place.

Other changes we'd like to make are: new switchplate/plug covers (the current ones all match, but the are a cheap white plastic with a cheesy flower motif) and new/additional hardware for the kitchen drawers and cabinets (which are currently also white with a cheesy flower motif).

It's all so exciting and frustrating!

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Sean said...

You should come over and have an HGTV night with RedPanda. The TiVo is bursting at the seams with recorded shows.