Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ah, the wacky whim of Fate

We've been trying to get Sylvie in daycare since we'd both be working and as you may recall, I was bemoaning how I'd have less time with her because of this. Well, call it a sign from above, a divine kick in the pants or just a crazy coincidence...

I got laid off yesterday.

Don't cry for me, fact can I hear an A-MEN?

I called Theron to tell him the news shortly before he was to leave the condo to drop off the papers and first payment with daycare. The daycare situtation was the one sour note in the hosannahs I was singing about getting laid off as circumstances in the past week had caused us to be very "flip-floppy" with the daycare owner which we felt awful about. First we said we were going to enroll Sylvie, then the next day said we might not (when Theron's contract job looked as if it might fall through), then the day after that said we definitely would and finally we had to say we definitely would not. The daycare owner had called us when Theron hadn't come by to drop off the papers and was very gracious when we explained the situation. We're sure that Sylvie would have loved it at that daycare but for now she's all mine! I just hope that we'll be able to find as good a daycare for her if/when we are looking again.I know it's weird that I am happy about this but I am, especially since it happened at what is just about the best time. Theron has a great job lined up for the next 3 months and between that and my severance package, we should be in decent financial shape for the next several months.

So now, I have the time with my daughter I was craving and the opportunity to get astarted with my illustration career. Ain't it NEAT?

This morning I have to go back into my ex-place-of-employ to suss out a few details and gather the rest of my stuff. Then I'll go out with a few of my ex-coworkers for my farewell lunch and then instead of spending most of my day twiddling my thumbs and sighing heavily in my cube at work, I get to go with Theron and Sylvie to the grand opening of IKEA in Stoughton. WooHOO!


River Mom said...

Ain't syncronicity grand?

Doah said...

I certainly believe in these signs from God, even when he/she's gotta give you a huge (sometimes unpleasant - I should know)kick in the pants to get your Shizznit in gear.

Theron said...

cool. this is obviously one of those hidden gems tucked away in the crevasses of cyber space - a wish-granting blog! The proof couldn't be more glaringly obvious when comparing past posts and current conditions.

Examples? Sure.

Months ago you posted, with great eagerness, your interest in a certain piece of real estate in which you now currently reside. Your post on the evils of candy, their conflict with your willpower, and your husband purchasing even more of those little baddies via a post-halloween 75% markdown caused the unexplainable reaction of your husband (that's me) to dump all traces of candy in the trash. Now, you are telling me that just one day after making a lengthy rant about your general disdain for your employment situation you have been granted all of the things you wished would a little extra for good measure.

Suggestions for next posts:

Demand my right to administer citizens citations for poor driving, parking and general uncouth public behavior. All revenue to support -> me <-

I'd also like my own tall ship equipped with tiers and tiers of flowing sails with "nany nany boo boo" printed all over them. Then I could sail to that island where those "Lost" people are and sail around and around the island watching them do jumping jacks on the shore and burning their last bits of wood.

Wish for age to not be linear but cyclical so I could peak at, oh let's say 40, hold it there for a bit so I could maintain a bit of authoritative dignity, then it's back down the hill again so I could fit back into my jeans again; that is both literally and figuratively.

Make it illegal, completely illegal to wear a shirt with a collar and sheepishly propping that collar up in a sarcastic nod to the eighties but actually just a lame attempt at following trends for which no one will take credit. That applies even more to those born in the later part of that decade.

Extending the off ramp from I-93 a few more miles to the road adjacent to ours...and make an extra special exit on the other end that drops us off right at Pho Pasteur.

Also, can you make that thing that you and I sometimes do "not" illegal in Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, and Hawaii.

thank you

theron the husband.

Aredubya said...

Also, can you make that thing that you and I sometimes do "not" illegal in Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, and Hawaii.

Since when is playing the trombone illegal?

Oh...never mind.

Congrats on the freedom. Would you mind blogging about how cool it would be if fist-sized diamonds were unearthed in southern NH suburbian backyards?

Manda said...

How bout making it possible for me and travis to win the 262 million dollar mage millions jackpot. don't work we'll share!!!

Redpanda said...

*Still laughing too hard at the Nany Nany Boo Boo ship to say anything of any substance*

Alayna said...

How about wishing for smooth sailing for all home-owners, including yourself and your friends?

And for good health for everyone.

Oh, and peace on earth? No more war?

KatieJoeandGrace said...

I would love to stay home with Grace, but unfortunately (as hard as I try) I can't seem to get laid off! ;-)
Actually, I love my job. But the time away is really hard!

Elizabeth said...

Paige - enjoy it! When Taylor was 8 months old, we moved to Birmingham. I was a SAHM while looking for a job. It took me 7 months to find my job and, though sometimes stressful, I wouldn't trade those 7 months with her for anything. After she finally started walking on her own, I got to watch her walk around the apartment for an entire day (she slept great that night!). I got to hear her starting to talk and becoming more interactive with me. I miss it sometimes now, but enjoy the screaming tackle hugs when she gets home and her showing off her artwork of the day. I highly recommend (if funds allow) a Mother's Morning Out a day or 2 a week.