Friday, November 11, 2005

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting...well, almost everybody...or all about my short and inglorious movie career

Did I ever tell you that I was in a Kung-Fu flick? "Sempiternal" was the senior project of an incredibly multi-talented friend of mine back in college, Ilram. (You can see a snippet of it in the Stunts section; it's the first of the Scene thumbnails.)

Of course the snippet is not the scene I was in ya doofuses, waddya think, I have secret martial art skills? I was just an extra, although I DID have the only speaking part, heh. The premise of the film was that there is a mysterious talisman which compels it's previous owner to hunt down and confront, fight-to-the-death style, it's current owner. I rediscovered my VHS copy of it when Theron and I were packing for our move. It was made in '97 and as we watched it I remember thinking that oh-so-original thought, "Man, I look so young!"

I was involved in a couple of other shorts films during my SCAD years: a non-speaking part in a dream sequence where I was wearing a long white nightgown* and standing barefoot in an alley.** In the film I was supposed*** to be juxtaposed with another, similarly dressed blond girl while being approached by the male main character who was having the dream.

I was a main character in the other film, solely because it was based on a short story I'd written my senior year in high school**** and developed into it's film version by my then boyfriend Mark*****. It was meant to be a dark, vaguely post-apocalyptic type of story. I played a crazy lady who, as told in flash-back, was driven crazy by her husband's having killed their young daughter rather than let her fall prey to a "rape & pillage gang." In the end I got to say the line, "Do you believe in happy endings? I believe in happy endings..." before my character walks off camera and shoots herself. Fun!

*perfectly modest, I assure you.

**resulting in a nasty cut from broken glass.

***I say 'supposed' because I never saw the finished piece, but that's how it was explained to me at the time.

****that I can't even remember the name of; I think I blocked it out on purpose.

*****If you ever saw this film (which--pray any-and-all-deities, has long since ceased to exist--you'd realize just how bad an actress I am. I'm talking cringe-inducingly bad. Yikes. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are Oscar winners compared to the the acting travesty that is me.


Doah said...

How come I never got introduced to your hunky friend Ilram before I went and became a happily married lady?

Anonymous said...

Thats the only short story of yours that I remember clear as a bell.

Paige said...

Doah~ I guess because you never came to visit me in Savannah :-P

Suz~ um...can you maybe have that part of your brain expunged? I'll pay ya...