Monday, November 21, 2005


I realized that I've made mention of a few things in past posts that I never followed up on, so here goes:

Funky Helmet- Alas and alack, Sylvie's head shape, while greatly improved, is still a bit pointy on the sides so the specialist recommended that she wear her helmet for another month at least. She has her next assessment 12/5, and hopefully she'll be free of it by Xmas!

Lying Liars-Ha, ha, the insurance company found for US! If that other driver lived on an island, I'd totally go harrass him with Theron's nanny nanny boo boo ship right now.

Return of the Milky Way-Being home with Sylvie and being able to dispense boob juice soley via the old fashioned method seems to have rectified my supply issues. Yay!

Book Purses- I'm finally getting around to making...or should I say, attempting to make some of these purses myself. I spent hours in Michael's yesterday sorting through beads and fabric to find the best matches for the book covers I've scavenged. One of the employees who kept walking by while restocking other areas told me, "You've been there and awfully long time!" and I told her, "Yeah, and I'm not sure if I'm in heaven or hell."

I've got 9 purses currently in the works. What am I going to do with 9 book purses, you ask? Well, let's just wait and see if they turn out first...because they might just end up as a bonfire in the backyard.

In other news:
I've completed my very first commissioned pet portrait! I'm planning to eventually add a price list to my portfolio webpage for commissions and signed prints. I don't know if I'll get much (if any) interest, but it can't hurt to try, right?


Doah said...


Lying Liars - and in that cosmic payback sort of way, you know that Mr Pants-on-fire's insurance just doubled 'cause he's a crappy driver AND a liar.

Book Purses - Q. What am I going to do with 9 book purses, you ask? A. Gimme gimmme gimmme.

Commissioned pet portraits - 2 points. When I did my "Small Business" course the woman teaching it said you are almost never going to lose money offering services/items for pets or babies. Also, every year in Toronto they have "Woofstock" and these guys come out - the woman that I'd have charges $300 for her smallest portrait, so....something to chew on.

Paige said...

$300? Sheesh-- I need to raise my prices! Unfortunatelty, the few commissioned pieces I've done so far have been for people I know and I have a hard time asking for money from friends.

I've heard that adage that you almost never lose money selling animal & baby related things...did you know I also do baby name plaques? (one of which you you will eventually be getting.) Check out the new link under "Shameless self promotion."

River Mom said...

Idea here....Why not do some Sylvie portraits ala "Aunt Maude" Something like that would be a sure sell too and like Doah said Pet portraits up here go for BIG bucks!!! Can I se the one's you have done?

Paige said...

I've only done the one commissioned pet portrait so far and you can see it either by clicking the link in the blog post or by going to my portfoilio site. There are also a couple of cat watercolors I've done for myself there which I'm sure I've shown you before.

RiverMom said...

Thats wonderful Paige! wish I could get a good pic of Shamu and these other fur balls for you to do!