Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lost and Found

You know, raising children and having pets are really not things that should be undertaken by the faint of heart. Apparently the fates had decided that I'd gone far too long--what, like 3wks?--since my last crisis and I needed another reason to freak out and get all weepy. So today it was Izzy's turn to push my panic button by DISAPPEARING FROM THE BACKYARD.

We have a largish yard and since the weather was so nice I wasn't concerned when Izzy didn't bark to be let in after her usual amount of time spent outside. I was planning on putting Sylvie in the stroller and hitching Izzy to her leash and going for a nice, long, leisurely stroll after Sylvie's nap and lunch but when I went out to call Izzy back in to put on her harness she didn't respond. There are a few blind spots in the yard so I walked the whole thing to make sure she wasn't just deeply engrossed in sniffing (as beagles are wont to do) and no dog. I noticed then that in one corner of the yard, a cinder block that had previously been wedged into a gap in the fence had fallen, revealing a beagle-sized opening. So with many and sundry expletives bouncing around my brain, I ran back inside, called Theron to let him know what had happened, suited Sylvie up for that long-but-not-so-leisurely-stroll, plopped her in the carriage and took off outside in search of Izzy.

I kept my cool fairly well at first, walking down the sidewalk calling for our furry runaway as I was certain she'd come trotting out from behind someone's house at any time. Nope. I started to lose my shit when I asked a man down the street who was about to get into his car if he'd notices a beagle running around, to which he said no. Instead of "Hi neighbor! Nice ta meetcha!" I think I said something more along the lines of, "...(lip beginning to tremble, eyes beggining to tear up)...have you seenmydogshe'sabeagleandhernameisIzzyandshegotoutoftheyardandidon'tknowwheresheis? (sob, gasp, hiccup)--- He did suggest that I call the police dept as they had an "animal officer" whose duty I suppose to help find lost pets. I decided to walk around the vicinity calling for Izzy for a bit longer before trying that option. I made a few more circuiits of the area, asking anyone I met if they'd seen a stray beagle and calling out whenever my voice wasn't being all stupid and wavery. Before I went back home, I asked our next door neighbor, Ralph if he'd seen her and if not, to please keep an eye out for her and he graciously agreed to do so.

Back inside, I made the call to the local police station to report my lost dog and as soon as I said she was a beagle the officer asked if I was near a certain street which I was and he told me that a guy had called in a lost beagle earlier. YAY! He gave me the fellow's contact info and I gave him a call. I was disappointed to get an answering machine but I left a message, planning to call back if I didn't here from the guy within an hour. Theron called for an update and told him what was going on. After we got off the phone, I received a call from the wife of the guy who'd found Izzy and got the address to where she was...just around the corner and down the street a little ways.

I loaded Sylvie back into the stroller and headed out to the address I'd been given. I stopped to talk to Ralph again and explain that Izzy had been found nearby. I found out later that he'd gone driving around to look for her...don't we have awesome neighbors? The folks who'd found Izzy had shut her in their garage when they figured out that she obviously belonged to someone and had just gone astray, which is probably why she didn't hear me calling for her. The lady came out back to open the garage for me and I held my breath as the door went up knowing that even though it was almost certainly Izzy, there was a chance that some other wandering beagle was inside. Huzzah and was IZZY!...who immediately began her high pitched, "IM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!!" shrieky bark voice.

My sentiments exactly, though I expressed them in a slightly more muted way.


Doah said...

Yay for happy endings!

Aredubya said...

There's no feeling like it - simultaneous rush of relief and happiness and anger at the goddam dog for taking off in the first place.

Manda said...

Oh what a relief!!! Here's hoping that's the last bad thing the Fates dole out for you this year!!!!

Pat Izzy on the head from her auntie Manda and uncle Travis

Chloe said...

Yikes! Been there, done that, and am very happy to hear she's home safe and sound. And that your neighbors were so thoughtful!

When you're done with the scolding give the beagle a belly rub for me and Rich.

Robyn said...

Glad izzy's ok. I remember when our old dog got loose and ran off. That was a looong afternoon. Turns out he'd been hit by a car while out galavanting....but some how the furry tank was fine. just tired.
Hugs and kisses to the furry friend and to you all.

Paige said...

One thing's for sure, though it sucks to experience them at all, I'll consider myself very lucky if all crises in my life end as well as this and Sylvie's hospital "adventure".

Yay for happy endings indeed!

Redpanda said...

Oh no! I'm so glad all was well. Bad beagle!