Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why I'm eating my heart out...

...because it's full of Reese's Peanut Butter cups silly! The most wonderful hubby of all time brought it home for me along with a bouquet of flowers. Not only that but our incredibly gifted daughter apparently snuck over to his workplace, made a V-day card for me for him to present along with the flowers and candy, and then snuck back home with me none the wiser. (I really need to keep a better eye in that girl.)

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!


Robyn said...

My valentine was written in the dirt covering my poor little card...someone wrote 'Lava me' and 'te amo'...."wash me' and 'I love you' with their finger. Very sweet and fitting too, since my car is red when it's not covered in dust.

Manda said...

AW!! Anonymous valentines are sweet!!! Or do you think someone was trying to tell you your car loves you?

I got a sweet note card from Travis. I gave him one from me and I got him one from Jack. He wasn't expecting that one lol he thought it was from the animals!!!