Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looks can be deceiving, a google game

I got this game from Chloe on MySpace.com. Google the phrase "(Your name) looks like" and find the best one from the first page of results. DON'T FORGET to put it in QUOTES, otherwise it won't work.

I ended up with a couple of good ones:
Paige looks like a Lab or Hound mix. (yikes!)
Paige looks like she is tied to a table. (double yikes!)
and my favorite result...
Paige looks like she is stuck to the bouncy castle wall!


Marla said...

marla looks like a SHAVED bird!

Marla looks like Angelina Jolie ?!

Brian said...

Brian looks like something straight out of medieval times

Brian looks like some twisted Wizard of Oz

Brian looks like a real James Bond

Brian looks like he's pouting again

I got 3 others, but am disqualifying them because they were part of some other Brian's "looks like" results.

Doah said...

Okay, my short name yields nothing - the actual spelling of my long name yields nothing - but when I go to the traditional spelling I get:

Shenandoah looks like a stereotype, it feels like life.


Shenandoah. Looks like a lot of fun.

So true. So true.

Paige said...

While I don't think you look like a sterotype, but you do look like (and are!) a lot of fun

River Mom said...

Mine turned out pretty good...Funny wise anyway...
Judy looks like she is having a difficult time..(often)
Judy looks like a great place to meet ..
Judy looks like she doesnt understand..(often)
and my personal Fav...
judy looks like Captain Underpants!

River Mom said...

Okay I just did Dads...He didn't "get it" But I think they are great..

Dave looks like an out of control 8 year old...
Dave looks like a new weevil species...
Dave looks like a frog...
and Dave looks like a Fariy Pixie...

Anonymous said...

that was Fairy not Fariy...

Robyn said...

Robyn looks like someone you'd avoid after dark.

Robyn looks like shes crying on my shoulder.

Robyn looks like she's having a lot of fun. Except for the part where they are fighting.

Aredubya said...

I had to cheat and go to page 2 to find a 3rd decent one, but:

Randy looks like he has a stick up his ass like he is wound up tighter than a cheap wrist watch bought for a quarter 50 years ago from a gumball machine.

Randy looks like he just ate some bad tuna fish.

Randy looks like an idiot in baseball hats.

Paige said...

I just did Theron's name and as anticipated, what came up all pretty much pertained to Charlize Theron. The results are quite entertaining!

Theron looks like (s)he's into bondage.
Theron looks like something that showed up under a very expensive Christian Dior Christmas tree.
and my fave:
Theron looks like a gorgeous flapper from the 20's!

Not much luck with Sylvie's name though:
Sylvie looks like she's annoyed.
Sylvie. Looks like the enchanted ceiling at Hogwarts(sort of a cheat)
Sylvie looks like a bit of a salad-dodger herself.

Anonymous said...

I got nothing usable with my name but with the traditional spelling, I got

Carol looks like she's about to puke
Carol looks like one of Mary Wollstonecraft's "mere dolls"
Carol looks like a classical guitar

and my personal favorites:

Carol looks like the average middle-aged woman, and not like a porn star
Carol looks like a man!!
Carol looks like a terrorist

Doah said...

Owain looks like an unlikely drug dealer


Aunt Janet said...

This is kinda fun!

Janet looks like a gorilla
The weirdest of all is that Janet looks like my mother.
Janet looks like she is into it
(Now THIS one I like)
Janet looks like she's thinking "what the heck is this?"
Janet looks like an ugly version of a Bratz doll

Here's the result on Tom:
Tom looks like Aragorn
TOm looks like a prince (an Evil Prince)
Tom looks like crap
Tom looks like he's in a really bad mood

Manda said...

amanda looks like she will blow away in the wind.

I think Amanda looks very pretty

Amanda looks like something off Star-Wars here!!

Amanda looks like she has a big bruise on her cheek.... ...
Amanda looks like something from poltergeist.

Amanda looks like I'd look if I'd gotten my just reward for drinking huge glasses of milk all the way through my childhood and adolescence. ...

Well milk does do a body good! HEE HEE. this is fun I'm gonna do Travis next, then Jack!

Manda said...

"Travis looks like Opie Taylor That guy is not good looking--c'mon people."

He is too good looking!!

"Travis looks like a killer to me"

Well not me!

"Travis looks like a freak, you seem more clean-cut"

"TRAVIS looks like the most suspicious human being alive.'

Manda said...

jack looks like a fat gorilla

Jack looks like Sharon before all her plastic surgery

Jack looks like one of the Three Musketeers in that picture

Jack looks like a wallaby caught in headlights.

Jack looks like he let Santa in on a secret!

elizabeth said...

Elizabeth looks like she could be a poker babe. (Hey! I like that one!)

Elizabeth looks like a stunned rabbit...

Elizabeth looks like a "conte tragique" (sounds cool, but babelfish says it means "tell tragic"???)

Elizabeth looks like she could conquer most nineties guys before breakfast. (hmm... no comment)

Taylor's name:
[Elizabeth] Taylor looks like two small boys fighting underneath a thick blanket

Lot of references to a rookie with the last name of Taylor...

Taylor looks like a serial killer (nu uh!)

Taylor looks like a number one receiver who finally got in a system that make him (her!) look good.

Taylor looks like she is the creative one (there's my baby!)

The Original Gomez said...

Milton looks like a winner.

Milton looks like he likes having you for a friend.

Milton looks like an ace.

Milton looks like a classic latino who is short with black hair.


Milton looks like a sex pest.

Milton looks like a must.

Anonymous said...

Robyn looks like someone I wouldn't kick out of bed if she farted.