Saturday, September 16, 2006

Coast to coast boast

Is it overly boastful to say that my sister and I have the cutest kids of the west and east coast respectively? Yes it is...but to us at least it's true! Sylvie and I had a fabulous time visiting with the Gentrys and we're very much looking forward to seeing them again at Xmas in Toronto. I think mom and dad will go into coniptions of glee at having both grandkids together at the same time. (Meanwhile us daughters and son-in-laws might as well be chopped liver. Imagined future conversation: "Who are you again? Oh that's right..uh,Paige is it?...can you move to the left a bit? You're blocking my view of my darling grandchildren.")

Just Ducky
While in Seattle, Sylvie learned a few new skills:
quacking like a duck
This happened when we went to pick up Travis from his now ex-job (more on that later). There was a duck pond in the office park so we'd bring some old bread and the ducks, who were quite tame, would eat right out of your hand. Sylvie loved this and giggled whenever a duck came up close. The birds were making soft quacking noises almost non-stop and we adults were quacking back at them. Up 'til this moment, Sylvie hadn't really made any animals sounds other than 'baa' and an occasional 'moo' but once she made the connection that, 'hey! ducks QUACK!', she started doing it too and for a little while there we were concerned that she'd forgotten how to make any other sound.


Theron and I have been encouraging Sylvie to give us kisses for months now without success. However, upon being urged to give her baby cousin a kiss, she readily complied, puckering up, making a 'mmm' noise and planting her lips on his head! She did it repeatedly while we were visiting, sometimes without any prompting at all. Sadly, once we returned home there's been nary a kiss from her. Guess for now she's just a kissin' cousin.

Something Fishy

We spent the majority of one day of our trip hanging out at the Seattle Aquarium. Sylvie got a huge kick out of the otters and would have dearly loved to jump into the tank with them. Travis took some excellent photos of her rapt expression reflected in the glass which I'll hopefully have up soon. We also saw seals, human divers, lots o fish of course, some jellies, octopus, cuttlefish etc etc. Pretty neat place and I suggest a visit if ever you are in that neck of the woods.

Bad luck, worse timing
As most of you know already, Travis got the news that the company he'd worked for for only a few short months was shutting down and leaving all the employees high and dry...and the day he got the news happened to be on Manda's birthday! (Poor Manda is beginning to think there may be a jinx on her birthday now considering other events that have a occured on Sept. 11th.) We still managed to have a pretty good time out at Manda's bday dinner that evening, where we consumed mass quantities of food and got some fun pictures of Manda in a celebratory sombrero.

In the end the layoff has turned out for the best. Travis managed to get an all around better job just down the street from his old one, plus he got a nice little 2 week vacation to spend time with his wife and son. Not to mention he won the Woot contest 2 weeks in a row. If this is Travis with bad luck...then I'm gonna make sure I buy some lottery tickets for him to scratch off next time I see him!


Brian said...

You two can claim your coasts, but I'm staking claim to Cutest Kid on the Gulf Coast then.

Doah said...

Right. I got north of the 45th parallel.

Travis said...

Looks like we have the country properly defended on all fronts with cute babies. I guess the midwest get's the shaft, but hey, we can't spread these fantastic genes too thin, can we?