Friday, September 15, 2006

Woot Contest #90

Alter an existing television show to reflect one or more qualities of the RCA Lyra 20GB MP3 Video Jukebox (smaller, lower-budget, more mobile, refurbished, etc.)
Looks like Travis pulled a Theron; scoring a money prize and the CCC. Not to mention that he won 1st prize two weeks in a row! (Too bad only a handful of people know he was also 75% of sackattack.) I think Theron's versions of a Lyra-ized BBC's The Office and Les Headroom were vastly superior to the entry that garnered him an HM nod, but there's just no telling how the judges think sometimes.

Nothing for me though...sob! Enh, none of my entries were worth more than an HM anyway.

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