Saturday, October 14, 2006

Woot Contest #94

Illustrate a ridiculous image or idea from one of the product writeups from this week's Woot-Off.
I think I actually have a shot at placing this week...keep your fingers/toes/eyes (except when driving of course) crossed for me!
I finally placed! AND I got the CCC too! Yahoo! All three of us wound up on the board again; Travis was in a tie for 3rd and Theron got an HM.

Look out of these days this power trio is gonna sweep the top spots!


rivermom said...

Yours is truly one of the best this week Hon. I think it shouls get $$$ and first place is not a stretch!

Doah said...

You wuz robbed! I don't even understand the 1st place one.

Anyhow. Theron's "Hefty Retainer" made me laugh.