Sunday, December 17, 2006

November Sylvie Photos

I know, I know...I'm a little late putting up the November photos. As you can imagine though, we've been pretty busy this month with getting ready for the holidays and all. Speaking of which...

Holiday Plans
Manda, Travis and Jack are all flying in later this week and then Theron will man the helm of our rented minivan for the drive up to Canada to spend a few days with the Johnson g'parents. Much hijinks and photo taking will surely ensue. We're also hoping to get together with as many (hopefully all!) of our friends in the vicinity which means that our social calendar for the last two weeks of December will be quite jampacked. Yippee! and also, yikes!

A Toddler's Progress
At long last, Sylvie has reached full toddlerhood. By this I mean she's a walkin', talkin', jibber-jabberin' cuddles machine. Except without the machine part I guess. She was recently evaluated by EI and they said she's age appropriate in everything but gross motor (which is not surprising considering she really just started walking a couple of months ago.) Meanwhile, she was off the charts in other areas since kids her age (21 months) aren't expected to really know their letters like she does; upper and lower case in some instance...and not just the easy ones either. She also recognizes most of the numbers 1-10, (7 and 1 seem to confuse her a bit). She loves bubbles, coloring with her crayons, dancing to music, singing "The Wheels on the Bus", kicking/throwing balls, Signing Time and of course, Elmo.

Drive-By Moms SUCK
We recently signed up for another playgroup so she (and I) won't go stir crazy this winter. I'm trying to set up more regularly scheduled outings which has been hard because for some reason when it comes to meeting with other moms and kids I inexplicably become overly concerned about my parenting skills being judged. I'm hoping that this new playgroup will provide friendship possibilities for both Sylvie and I, and not just more opportunity for me to feel squashed like bug. Generally I think I'm doing reasonably well as a mom, but all it takes is one drive-by mommy comment and I'm reduced to a quivering mass of neuroses. Just this past week, Theron and I took Sylvie to a playground in the Commons and he was taking Sylvie to the top of a slide while I stood at the bottom to catch her. She'd gone down twice and was gleefully signing/asking for more. I gave a big smile to another mom I passed as I was taking Sylvie back to Theron to go down the slide again. She smiled back at me and said, "You really should go down the slide with her." I was crushed! Here we'd been having such a good time and then this "concerned mother" had to go and yank the rug out from under me. I managed to stammer back something along the lines of, "I think she's doing just fine," but I still got Theron to go to the other side of the play ground so I didn't have to feel this bee-otche's critical eyes burning a hole in my back.

It's funny how I have a hard time taking credit for any compliments we've received about how good or smart Sylvie is because I feel like it's mostly just how she is and not anything Theron or I have especially done. But if someone has something critical to say I take it all too much to heart. Ack.

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Marla said...

My guess is that the nosy playground mom thought that Sylvie was much younger than she is but it was still NONE OF HER BUSINESS. I'm glad you're working on learning to take credit for the good work you're doing with Sylvie. If you could do that more, I bet you would have some great come-backs for people who can't mind their own business or you would feel fine about ignoring them and letting Sylvie use the sliding board the way that you and Theron know she can!