Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bit o' braggin'

I suppose it could've been a fluke but today while waiting for the subway train to come and take us to Harvard Square for Elmo's birthday party , Sylvie counted pigeons! I had pointed out a group of them on the platform and she said, quite clearly, "Birds! Birds! One...two...fee...fo...fi." There were actually six pigeons, but still, fairly impressive for a kid who is still about a month shy of turning two wouldn't you say?

Of course all attempts I've made since today to try and get her to count again have been ignored, but that's her usual MO: demonstrate some new and somewhat advanced ability like knowing the entire alphabet (written and signed!), numbers 1-10, solving quadratic equations (kidding!) and then looking blank when asked to "perform" the same again...unless/until she just happens to be in the mood to do so.

Maybe we were on our way to Harvard today in more way than one!

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Elizabeth said...

Okay, something happened and I don't think this went through.

Cool on the bit o'braggin'! Whenever Taylor does something we consider spectacular, we've learned to hold our breath a little, maintain composure and act somewhat nonchalant. If we don't, she realizes that what she's doing is big and that she's "performing" and stops. So now we wait until she's done to get all mushy and proud on her.

And Sylvie's so cute in that ballet outfit! Can't wait to see the recital pics. :)

*hugs to all*