Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Theron and I rang in the New Year with good friends, good food and Guitar Hero I and II. It was awesome. Wow...I don't know why but somehow it's hard to believe that 2006 is over. Kaput, even. Also that we no longer have a baby...we have a KID! And what a kid she is. Beautiful, clever, funny, compassionate. What strikes me the most about Sylvie as I think of my sweet girl on this first day of the new year though is where on earth does ALL THAT SNOT COME FROM?! Her nose has been leaking like a faucet all day. She even projectile snotted while we were getting groceries. Come on, say it with me now...EEEEeeeewww! Other than the snot-nosed thing (which I know kinda comes with the territory) she really is just incredible.

On to the point of this post: New Years Resolutions! (In no particular order)

Potty train Sylvie
Eat more vegetables
Don't eat mac n cheese directly out of the pot anymore
Start working out again
Paint/illustrate/craft/design more
Cook more from scratch
Blog more often
Collect unpaid woot winnings ($100)
Procrastinate less (Yeah right. I might as well type "Give up chocolate")

I'm sure there's more I could put down but nothing is springing to mind at the moment.

I'll write about our holiday vacation when I get around to posting the December photos. In the meantime, here's a little teaser for ya: I guess it wouldn't be the holidays without a visit to the ER...


Brian said...

Don't worry about procrastinating less this year. You can always work on it next year, like I am.

And it's a proven scientific fact that mac & cheese tastes better straight out of the pot. Especially after you melt one slice of cheese in the pot. Mmmmmm, cheeeeeeese. *drools*

Paige said...

I don't add a slice of cheese...but I do squirt in some yellow mustard for a little added tang ;-)

Brian said...

Try the cheese sometime. Extra cheesy goodness.

Give me a yell if you get on messenger today. I need to pester you.

Amanda said...

I recommend Franks' Red Hot.

Travis said...

Sliced up hot dogs added to mac and cheese is a square meal that meets all of the daily requirements of everything as laid out by the FDA.

Doah said...

One of the things I loved to eat while pregnant:

White Cheddar Mac and Cheese w/ cut up hotdogs and a tin of peas! I called it my "White Trasharole"

Travis said...

Peas? Gross!