Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I guess it wouldn't be the holidays without a visit to the December Sylvie Photos!

Here and here are the photos from December. Enjoy!

I know there's an "er" in every "Merry Christmas", but this is getting ridiculous
As you've already been made aware, we had another fun-filled trip to the ER this past holiday season. Luckily, there was only one trip, it lasted for less than five hours and Sylvie was not treated like a pincushion.

The story is during the final flurry of activity to get ready for our roadtrip to Canada, Sylvie fell off the couch. Despite the fact that there were no--immediately--obvious bruises and she was moving all of her limbs normally, she would not calm down and continued to cry in a very high-pitched, distressing way. I rolled up her sleeves and found that her right elbow was purple and swollen. YIKES.

Now Sylvie and I were both slightly hysterical.

Right about this time, Theron came home from having gone to fetch our rental van. We got hold of Sylvie's pediatrician and she recommended taking her in to the ER. Once there it was the usual wait an hour, see some nurse/doctor, wait, get sent to xray, wait, hold down squalling child for xrays of her elbow (always a pleasure...but at least no needles were involved!), wait, see a different nurse/doctor, get told xrays looked fine but that they wanted to take more xrays-of her collarbone this time-just in case, go to xray, wait, repeat hold down squalling child, wait, see different nurse/doctor, get told second set of xrays looked fine and that there was no reason why we couldn't follow through with our travelling plans and just to give Sylvie some Baby Tylenol if she had further discomfort. So while it was not at all pleasant experience, it could've been a lot worse.

The Long Drive
Because of the ER trip, we'd had to cancel dinner plans that we'd made with some extended family so that they could see Manda and Travis and meet baby Jack. When Theron, Sylvie and I returned home we found that cousin Chloe and her boyfriend Rich, (who made a long drive of their own a few days later as they moved down to Nashville, TN) had come over to hang out and were kind enough to get Chinese takeout for us all. Theron and I chowed down in between bouts of tossing stuff into bags while Sylvie acted as if the prior several hours hadn't happened. After a bit, we bid farewell to Chloe and Rich, finished loading up the van and took off for Canada, only 2.5 hours later than originally planned. It was a looong drive, around 10+hours in fact. The kids slept pretty much the whole way thankfully, so we made do with only a handful of stops for refueling and one-ing and two-ing.


Ok, in the desire to just get this damn post POSTED already, I'm just going to sum up the rest of the trip as quickly as possible. So here in brief are highlights from the trip:

Seeing G'ma & G'pa Johnson!

Seeing local friends!
Christy & Jay, Doah & Owain, Michael & Danielle. Sadly, we missed seeing Dorie & Paul and Alan...hopefully we'll catch 'em all next time.

Eating at the Imperial!
I'm talking huge buffet, all-you-can-eat pan-asian dishes; everything from curry to sweet and sour chicken. My favorite was the sushi bar. Sylvie conked out in the car on the way there and ended up sleeping almost the entire time on a pile of our coats in the corner by our table.

Christmas! Christmas Cinnabons! Christmas presents! Christmas dinner!


The boys got put to work!
Theron and Travis spent a lot of time on ladders helping install and wire stuff. They didn't look closely enough at the marriage contracts, did they?

Seeing long distance extended family on the way home! We stopped to visit with Great G'ma Ginny on the drive home, so she was finally able to meet her newest great grandchild Jack. We also got to see Sylvie's second cousins (I think that's the relation) Shannon, Sara and their mom Elisa as well as little William and his folks Amy and Peter. Sadly it was a very brief visit but as we all live in widely scattered parts of the country it was nice that we got to see them at all!

I forget, but I'm sure there was lots more. Mom, Manda, feel free to add stuff I've left out in the comments. I knew that the longer it took me to post this the less I would remember so if I've left out anything/anyone special please don't take it personally. My poor brain is a sieve these days.

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