Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Sylvie Photos

Hey look, I'm posting the photos for January in January! Crazy, huh? Yes, I am trying to make up for my past lapses in posting and I have to say that I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far. I doubt that I will be able to maintain this pace though so enjoy it while it lasts.

Tutu cute
We recently enrolled Sylvie in a nearby "Baby Dance" program. The class description is as follows: For ages 12 months through 21/2 years. This class will foster a love of music and movement in your child. A variety of music and song along with several movement tools are used to help children explore movement. It's not a real dance class as you can see; there's no bony old Russian woman with hair pulled severely back in a bun snapping commands at a room of tiny, terrified toddlers. In fact, there are two youngish (late teens or maybe early 20 somethings) who work with the kids very sweetly. They do simple follow along songs like Itsy-Bitsy Spider while sometimes incorporating small hula hoops, maracas and ribbon wands. Us moms wait in the adjacent room watching the proceedings on a closed circuit tv so as not to distract our wee dancers. There's a recital in mid June featuring all of the groups who currently take classes, including the littlest ones whose part of the performance will be probably be little more than controlled chaos.

If Sylvie likes the class, (and so far she appears to not hate it) we may consider continuing with the next level class "Preschool Dance": Pre School Dance is for ages 2-4. This class is a delightful introduction to the basics of dance technique and performance. The basic fundamentals of ballet and tap are taught with simple terminology and activity songs. Students will learn balance, coordination, dance steps, timing, rhythm, teamwork and dance technique. I can't say that I really want to encourage a career in dance, especially not ballet as I know it can be quite brutal. But I do feel that given Sylvie's gross motor skill delay, taking these dance classes will help to alleviate and hopefully close the gap between her and her peers in this regard.

And she does look awfully cute in her tutu, tights and ballet slippers!

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Chloe said...

So no calling her Sylveena Ballerina?

This is such a great pic. I made it my computer wallpaper and everyone in my cube bank has commented on her indisputable cuteness.