Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A new fascination

I've always thought that I was aptly named because I love pages. I especially love pages full of words. I especially, especially love pages full of words collected in books full of other such pages. My parents nicknamed me "bookhead" because when they looked in my room, they often saw a figure lying on a bed with a book where the head should be. I am what is known as a "constant reader." I lovelovelove BOOKS! I must have read hundreds, possibly even thousands of them. And now I've found a neat way to try and actually get a complete tally of the books I've read with this way cool website, LibraryThing. My one complaint (so far) is that I wish there was a faster way to add books because it is rather annoying having to add them one at a time. Why not enable a feature where one can type in an author's name which would then list all of the books by that person. Each title should have a checkbox. One checks all the books they have been read and then clicks a submit box at the bottom of the list to add all of the books simultaneously. Is that so hard LibraryThing?

This might take a while.

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