Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring is finally here!!!

More cafepress shop yammering
I know I haven't posted very much lately but ya see, when I have spare time to get on the computer--which as the mother of a toddler is getting less and less frequent--I tend to use the time to work on new designs for my shop. While I'm not exactly raking in the dough, I have had some modest success with my Make Everyday Earth Day design and I've made enough sales to be within a few dollars of paying for a full years shop fees...and that's just in the first two months! Even more incredibly, the bulk of my customers have been total strangers! Look out Old Navy!

Ha ha ha...er, ahem, yeah.

But seriously, I'm constantly adding new stuff to the shop so please check back every so often to see what's new. In fact I've just today added a Cinco de Mayo design and there's several Mother's Day designs if you're looking to get your mom (or yourself if you have ungrateful wretches for children, heh) something a little different this year. Wink, wink nudge, nudge..I'll say no more 'bout that.

Yay Spring!

It's taken a while but spring has finally, really and truly sprung around here. Magnolia trees are laden with fragrant blossoms, daffodils wave their sunny heads in the breeze and those little yellow flowers on the viney tree shrub things (obviously I don't what they're called) are like visually delicious pats of butter dotting the local landscape. Mmm...tasy, tasty spring.

Yay dirt!

Sylvie and I have been hitting the playground every day where she mostly prefers to play in the pebbles. I've been trying not to hover so much when she does go on the playground equipment but it's hard. She has no fear really, but does seem to be aware of drop offs and steps and navigates them with care. It's amazing and wonderful to see how much more capable she is on the equipment now. Her real love currently though is to grub in the dirt/sand/pebbles. She seems to relish the feeling of different textures running through her fingers. Theron and I took her to the Stone Zoo on Earth Day and she was far more interested in playing in the mulch then in looking at the animals. Maybe we have a budding landscape artist on our hands?

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Caryl said...

I think "those little yellow flowers on the viney tree shrub things" you're talking about are forsythia.