Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One more 'Get Rich Quick' scheme (yeah, right)

Another day, another website that has caught my eye.

This time it is threadless.com, a site which sells graphic tees featuring some pretty kickass art. What particularly intrigued me about this site is that anyone can submit designs for the tees, have them critiqued, and then submit them for voting. People then can give your design a score from 0-5. Designs with the highest average score after a week are then in the running to be chosen by the folks at threadless as a new printed design. The very, very best part of the process is that if your design is chosen...you get beaucoup bucks! $1500 smack-a-roos! Not exactly chump change, especially considering that I've made less than $100 so far from all of the designs on my cafepress store, (which, btw, I'm not giving up on).

Anyway, I figured why not sub a few designs and see what happens? At the very least I'll get some feedback on my illustrations, which is nice.

Here are my first two efforts, currently in the critiquing phase:

Crab Raccoon
In one ear, out the other

Please let me know what you think, good or bad!

1 comment:

Marla said...

Jay and I both think your designs are great. He doesn't want to sign up for threadless but thinks the claws look more like lobster than crab.