Monday, July 02, 2007

Just call me SCARFACE

Today I went and had a small cyst excised from the side of my face. It wasn't a huge lump, but it had the potential to grow so I figured it would be better to remove it before it got any bigger. When I consulted with the dermatologist initially, he wanted to make sure I understood that removing the cyst WOULD LEAVE A SCAR. No, really?!

He told me it shouldn't be a big scar, maybe about a centimeter or so, but for some reason he kept saying it over and over. He asked me if I was really sure I'd prefer the scar over the lump and I said heck yeah because then I can tell people I got it in a fencing duel.

*CAUTION: If you are easily grossed out you might want to skip this next paragraph*

The procedure itself was pretty quick and relatively painless. After he placed some covering around the site, he swabbed the lump down with betadine and then injected lidocaine 5 times in a circle around the cyst. As some of you know, I have had somewhat of a terror of needles from an early age and yet the knowledge that a needle was being repeatedly injected into my face was somehow not that disturbing. It hurt like hades at first, kind of a burning sensation when the lidocaine went into the skin, but after the 3rd shot it was pretty well numbed up. After that, I didn't feel much but pressure and a pulling sensation (somewhat like I imagine a face lift would feel). Then I could hear him scraping the cyst away from the underlying tissue which seemed very loud. He had told me earlier that if he left any fragments of the cyst behind then each piece would likely develop into a new cyst---YIKES!--but he was able to pull the cyst sac out intact. At my request, he showed me the cyst and it was yellowish-white and about the size of a small store-bought blueberry. Are you retching yet? If not, check out this other dude's cyst removal surgery on youtube!


Marla said...

I'm glad your procedure wasn't too bad.

I once went to a doctor for a thyroid biopsy. It was my first and only biopsy of my life and my mind was very much on cancer, but all the doctor could talk about was the type of scar I would have if the thyroid had to be removed!

I'm not going to watch any YouTube cyst removal.

Aredubya said...

You should have the cyst set into a ring. Or at least a pendant of some sort.

Chloe said...

Yeah, then you can hold it up to people and tell them "Say hello to my little friend!"

Manda said...

EW!! you guys are gross, i think she should just keep it in a jar in the kitchen LOL