Thursday, October 11, 2007


Current score:
Oopses 3
Hurrays 0

So one trial is over and a new one begins...the dreaded potty training! We started off the morning watching a DVD called "It's Potty Time." Then I put her in some big girl undies (which are really much too big altho they were the smallest I've been able to find). So far today, we've had a poop and 2 pees...none of which was in the potty. However, I have been able to get Sylvie to sit on her potty for upwards of 10 minutes at a go by reading to her. I am plying her with peanut butter and goldfish to amp up her thirstiness and keeping her sippy cup at the ready. Also at the ready: paper towels & antibacterial wipes! I'll try and post further updates as events warrant.

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