Saturday, October 20, 2007


**WARNING: possible TMI ahead!**

This afternoon we had the first successful "deposit" in the potty...and also the SECOND!!! While she didn't exactly indicate that she needed to go, the air had become perfumed with "the funk" (as we like to call it) and she was squatting and grunting a bit so I ran her to the potty. Once seated, nothing happened for a few minutes so I distracted her with Where is Thumbkin? until --at last!--the pooping commenced. I clapped and cheered for her and as she is very self affirming, she clapped for herself also. She started grunting again about 40 minutes later so I put her back on the potty and although she did get a few nuggets out before she was seated, most of it went where it should. Much clapping and cheering again ensued. Yay, POOP!!! in the POTTY!!! NO DON'T TOUCH IT!!!


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Marla said...

Yay Sylvie! You mentioned underwear in your last post – we have found that the Sesame Street and Nick Jr. 2T-3T aren’t too big (after a few times in the dryer). And, the Gerber 2T thick underwear (which comes in 18 months also) fits Sara pretty well. I must admit I was just missing diapers though – having to get out of the shower while still soapy because Sara, who was in her room with the safety gate on, started calling out that she had to poop!