Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Sad Goodbye

Smudge suddenly appeared to be in great distress yesterday afternoon: yowling, cringing in the corner and having problems walking. We took her to our local vet who then recommended we take her to the animal ER a few towns over. Both the local vet and the ER vet said that Smudge appeared to be having some sort of neurological issue. She'd lost control of her bladder twice, once at each vet and was extremely upset and disoriented unless holding absolutely still. The first vet noted that one of her legs did not respond to pain and the other one just barely. The second vet noted this and also that she did not react to stimuli to her face and did not seem to "know where her hind legs were." The second vet said that it was possible she had a brain tumor or meningitis or something else entirely but that they'd have to perform an MRI to see...and if that showed nothing, they'd have to do a spinal tap. The cost for the diagnostic tests alone were looking to run upwards of $3000-4000 with a high likelihood of showing her case to be terminal anyway. So it was with a breaking heart that I decided to go ahead and have her put to sleep. The vet said that she agreed it was the best course of action. It was so awful because Smudge had been fine just that morning!!! Theron, Sylvie and I were able to say a final goodbye and we were there with her when she got the overdose of sedative. This was the first time in my life that I was there...that I had to make the final decision and it is really, truly awful. I sobbed the whole time and here I am going again dammit. Maybe some of you might think well she was just a cat, but she really was one of the sweetest, most loving creatures I've ever known. Even people who didn't like cats liked Smudge. She was my friend for over 11 years and I so wish we could have done more to help her get better.

Goodbye sweet kitty. I love you very much.


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "just a cat," or "just an animal." She was part of your family for 11 years. Tears are absolutely necessary!
Aunt Janet

Aredubya said...

So very sorry for your loss, Wallisfolk. Smudge was such a sweetheart. Our hearts go out to you.

Elizabeth said...

I've been there for 3 animals in my life. 2 were a part of the family, 1 was a puppy we tried to save and only had for a few months. Even the technicians said it never gets easier. Love y'all!