Friday, March 28, 2008

NSTAR's Walk for Children's Hospital Boston

Please support our walk! as you all know, Sylvie has been a fairly regular visitor to Children's Hospital Boston--seen various specialists, been treated for dehydration after a bad bout of GI bug and this past fall had open heart surgery to correct three (thankfully minor) heart defects--and the quality of care there has always been top notch. Children's Hospital Boston is a wonderful place, a truly unique hospital—one of the best pediatric institutions in the world, giving hope to so many kids and their families, constantly finding new ways to treat or cure an amazing variety of diseases. The doctors and nurses here never say "never" and they treat kids from all over the world. Some have families who can't afford to pay for their care. Children's takes care of them all! And it's very involved with the neighborhoods around it—helping low-income and at-risk kids.

Your donation will make a difference in kids' lives!

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Marla said...

I bet Sylvie will be the biggest fundraiser in the Wallis family!

G'ma Judy said...

You may be Right Marla!