Monday, July 25, 2005

The Shape of Things

Despite the fact that Theron and I have tried to be diligent about giving Sylvie plenty of tummy time and positioning her head to encourage it to round out, she has been diagnosed with plagiocephaly; specifically brachycephaly. Basically, those are both big, scary medical terms that mean her head is shaped funny. Our pediatrician referred us to a specialist who, after making sure there was no internal cause for the shape, (such as premature closing of the sutures of her skull), suggested that our best course of action is to have her fitted for a helmet or band which should reshape her head over the course of few months.

I've been doing lots of research online and apparently, this is not an uncommon thing since the medical establishment encourages that babies be put on their backs to sleep and of course an oddly shaped head is vastly preferable to a heightened risk of SIDS. From what I've read, Sylvie is at the ideal age for this treatment and should only have to wear the device for 3-4 months. What stinks is that she'll have to wear it 23 hrs out of every day, removing it only for bathing. I'm somewhat comforted by the case studies I've found which all indicate that the child quickly becomes accustomed to wearing the helmet/band. I'm pretty sure she will be less than thrilled with the casting part though.

We're scheduled to meet with the specialist again next month to go over details. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jibber Jabber

Yesterday, Theron called me at work just I could hear Sylvie jabbering away over the phone. The best way to describe her current vocalization is probably as a cross beteen a tiger cub yowling and a prolonged duck quack. This is her conversational, or "I'm just talking to hear myself talk" noise. As previously mentioned, car rides seem to be her favorite time to practise the fine art of wailing. Then there is the cooing, the sighing and the involuntary grunting when she's making stinky cheese in her pants (...and boy is it stinky, like fermented Velveeta). Her giggle will bubble up out of nowhere, a wry "huh, huh," and she's started peppering her jabber with a happy screech on occasion. I guess that means that the unhappy screeches can't be to far behind.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Shiny Happy Condo

Here are some interior shots of a condo in Somerville that we checked out via drive by yesterday evening. Doncha just LOVE built ins?

Monday, July 18, 2005

House Hunting is Hard

This past Sunday we decided to do some reconnaissance of houses and condos in the Salem area. We had over 20 different locations mapped out and we figured that we could do drive bys of each place to get an idea of the neighborhoods they are in and thus narrow down the pack to just a few that we'd really care to see the inside of. What we neglected to take into account was the fact that Salem is not the easiest town to drive around in with all of it's narrow, windy streets and one ways. Nor did we think about how unthrilled Sylvie could be with the prospect of being strapped in her car seat for a couple of hours while we tried to get this done.

I started off trying to help Theron navigate through the warren of streets but finally climbed in the back to attempt to soothe our wee wailing banshee. Between the screeching and the twisty-turny traveling, I began to feel a trifle green around the gills. In the end, we drove by perhaps half of the places we originally planned to see and it still took us about 3 hours. We saw an open house from our list and another that was not on our list, but neither one was "it". Only one drive by--see photo-- was intriguing enough for us to want to try and get a tour of the inside, but alas, no open house that day.

We finally gave up and drove home, frustrated. To top it all off I ended up with a raging, nausea-inducing migraine that knocked me out at 5pm. When I finally woke up it was already after midnight. Makes me wish that the worst thing I had to deal with was being strapped into a car seat for a few hours. Sylvie, you don't know how easy you got it right now!

Hippo birdie to me

vingt neuf
venti nove
vinte nove
veinte nueve

Oy vey

*thanks Josh ;-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Baby Boy Duran

Congrats to Joanne and Dave on the birth of their adorable baby boy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

G'ma and G'pa Johnson

G'ma and G'pa Johnson, originally uploaded by Soothed by Rainfall.

Here is a couple still so obviously in love that people think they are newlyweds.

**!!!Happy 30th Anniversary mom and dad!!!**

Monday, July 11, 2005

Plotting her next move

To paraphrase Pinky & the Brain:

Me~What do you want to do today, Sylvie?
Sylvie~ The same thing we do everyday...TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another good reason to buy a house soon

Sylvie's crib is in our bedroom because our apartment is too small for a separate nursery; a downright convenient set-up when it came to late night feedings. Convenient that is, until Sylvie began to discover her voice. I usually set my alarm for 7am on a workday, but this morning it was trumped by the 5am Sylvie alarm. The kid was practically YODELING for an hour and a half straight. She didn't sound upset or anxious; she was just making noise for the sake of making noise. I know now why those baby monitor thingies are so can keep tabs on the wee one from another room and have some control over the volume!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Official Stats: 4 months

4 months old and she's still no Big Enchilada. At yesterday's pediatric appointment we found out that Sylvie is now 10lbs 12oz and 23 1/4", meaning she's gained about one pound and one inch for each month she has been alive. Can you believe that she has yet to outgrow any of her newborn clothes?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams, originally uploaded by Soothed by Rainfall.

OK, time to get back to the main subject of this blog...our Sylvie, who is four months old today! She is smiling almost constantly now, (even in her sleep as you can see from the photo), has begun to giggle on occasion, has almost mastered the art of holding up her head and she has also rolled over a couple of time! Sylvie is also practising talking which at this point mostly consists of vowel sounds: unh! uhhhhn! ahhhwawawa!awwwunh! etc.

Another cute house

Another cute house, originally uploaded by Soothed by Rainfall.

We saw this house yesterday and although it doesn't have quite as much external character as the red house, it was still quite nice. On the plus side: it's in a great location. On the down side: it's at the very top of our price range.

How dad maintains his youthful vigor

Dad bites dog, originally uploaded by Soothed by Rainfall.

Happy day-after-your-birthday dad! Hard to believe that next year it's the big six-oh. Love you!

*AMENDMENT* Hard to believe that the year AFTER next is the big six-oh. Mea culpa!