Friday, September 30, 2005

Cousin Blob

Mucho felicitations, congratulations and excitations to my sister Amanda and her hubby Travis on the impending arrival of their firstborn! (Apparently they weren't going to tell me about it but Travis let it slip when I asked him about stomach pains that Manda had mentioned him having and he said he guessed it was "sympathy morning sickness.") Manda is only about a month along so Sylvie's first first cousin should probably be arriving sometime next June. As it is way too early to know the gender (which A & T are refusing to divulge anyway as well as their name choices; copycats!) I have dubbed the tiny zygote, "Cousin Blob." Once s/he has outgrown the blobby stage, I am thinking perhaps, "Frankie Fetus."

Or how about this for a giggle: Theron and I had the Wee Wallis Whatsit name for Sylvie...let's try to come up with something similar for "Cousin Blob" but with Gentry worked in somehow.

My first suggestion: Golly Gee Gentry
Woo hoo, let the games begin!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Read any good books lately?

Hey everybody, it's Banned Books Week!

I'm ashamed to admit that I've only read 31 of the 100 most banned books of 1990-2000 (although 1 of those 31 pertains to the Harry Potter Series as a whole and I've devoured every one); many of those when I was an "impressionable" youngster. Guess I better get crackin', huh?

Up with books! Bah to banning!

One of the nifty things about living in Boston

Riding the bus home from work yesterday, I overheard conversations in languages that originated from 4 different continents.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Completely random post

I'm usually not big into purses, but these are just neat-o!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

HGTV Junkie

I love HGTV. LOVE it. Especially now that we actually have a place of our own. HGTV is to blame for fueling my burning desire to take on beaucoup DIY projects. I want to make so many things for our house...I just need lots of time and extra money for supplies first! I'm hoping to eventually make some roman shades , crochet some floor rugs, make a new duvet cover , maybe even do some decorative mosaic tiling in the bathroom. I know that Theron would love to make some furniture, but that requires lots of power tools which we don't have and won't be able to afford for a while. See how crazy we are?!

The backyard has so much unexplored potential....I'm thinking raised flower beds with pretty regional wild flowers perhaps, an herb garden and a patio for BBQs and entertaining. We'd love to get a composter, like these and maybe even a Pet Waste Digestor System

Aside from a few minor details, the prior owners had similar taste in decor to us, so we've already got some kick-@$$ light and faucet fixtures. The rooms have been painted in a myriad of bright colors and I think we'll keep most of them as is. The bright red-orange of the attic space (complimented (?) with two red-orange-yellow sponge painted walls) will change for sure and I think the salmon-y pink of the bathroom is also a bit much. The pale green color in our bedroom is a bit too cold so that will also be altered. My vote for replacement color is the green (select colorname/number and type in "asparagus") we had in our old place.

Other changes we'd like to make are: new switchplate/plug covers (the current ones all match, but the are a cheap white plastic with a cheesy flower motif) and new/additional hardware for the kitchen drawers and cabinets (which are currently also white with a cheesy flower motif).

It's all so exciting and frustrating!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New furniture! Hurray! and also Yippee!

Our couch and chair was delivered earlier today. Now we'll just have to figure out how to set it up in our teeny-tiny living room. We already know that our entertainment center is way to big so it'll probably be relegated to our guest room/studio/computer room upstairs and we'll try to find something more suitable for the downstairs.

So now all we need (besides a new entertainment center), is a dining room table and chairs...a new bed would be nice...a worktable for my studio...maybe some new towels and bed sheets...some curtains...some throw rugs...perhaps a snowblower for the upcoming "polar coaster" winter...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The deed is done...

...and the deed is ours!!! The signing began at 10:30 this morning and lasted for about an hour and a half all told. Kinda scary signing all of those legal papers that we didn't really have time to read and wouldn't have fully understood anyway if we had. Our savings cushion has taken a hit and although we're still covered financially should any emergencies arise...(what's the emoticon for warding off the evil eye?)... I am SO looking forward to the (supposedly) huge tax refund we're supposed to get next year!

Thanks to everyone for your support during our search and especially to those who'll be helping us move in. Give us a few weeks to get settled in and then visitors will be more than welcome!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

First-time home buyer's pre-closing freak out

We're buying a condo!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Down payment!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Home inspector fee!!! Aaaaahhh!!! "Possible washer/dryer hookup in unit" ridiculously implausible!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Unknown quantity of little-old-lady downstairs neighbor!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Boxes everywhere!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Still much packing to do!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Also much heavy lifting up flights of stairs soon to come!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Unbelievably high closing costs!!! Aaaaahhh!!!

You may think I'm writing all of this to be funny. Nope. I'm seriously about to stroke out here.


Monday, September 12, 2005

My baby's growing up! (Caution: this is a TMI post)

No more of that curdy, mustard yellow, velveeta-scented, entirely breast milk derived baby poo...Sylvie has big girl stinky poops now! (I spared you photographic proof...I'm not quite that obsessed with my daughters all consuming cuteness.)

Wee Wallis indeed

At Sylvie's 6 month checkup on 9/2, she weighed in at a not-so-whopping 12lbs 1 oz. This puts her below the 5th percentile meaning that over 95% of babies her age are larger than she is. This alone would not be alarming except that at her 4 month appointment she was in the 10th percentile and at her 2 month appointment she was in the 25th percentile. So although she is growing, the rate at which she is growing appears to have slowed. Her pediatrician, Dr. Gonzalez decided to go ahead and perform blood work (usually done at the 9 month check-up, which tests for lead and such) to check her thyroid function.

Another possible cause behind her slow growth could be related to the fact that Sylvie was born with a few of birth defects; an ectopic kidney, and two congenital heart defects; an small atrial septal defect or ASD and a cleft mitral valve (couldn't find a link for this one that wasn't all doctor-speak gobbledygook) which may or may not require surgery down the road. Slow growth nonwithstanding, so far these defects have had no obvious affect on our girl's health. But the fact that she is rather small and has these defects led us, on the advice of our pediatrician, to consult with a genetics specialist who advanced the possibilty that Sylvie has Noonan's syndrome .

If indeed this is what Sylvie has, then she appears to be only mildy affected. She is reaching all of her age appropriate milestones and Dr. Gonzalez noted that she is quite strong and active. As I said earlier, the cardiac defects and renal anomolies have not been problematic and, God willing, never will be. Sylvie sees a cardiologist and a urologist every six months or so in order to monitor her condition.

To put all the scary medical stuff in perspective, my mother is of "short stature" and also has a mild heart defect (for which she's never required surgery) and it obviously hasn't held her back any!

A Very Merry Un-Birthday Manda!

Welcome to the far side of your 20's :P
I hope you got to do a little celebrating yesterday on your real birthday!
Lots o' love from,
Theron, Paige and Sylvie

Friday, September 02, 2005

August Sylvie photos

This has been a big month for Sylvie. She's discovered the delightful chewiness of her feet, tasted her first solid food (rice cereal, sweet potatoes, apple and pear), is rolling over with great regularity and has decided that she prefers to sleep on her stomach. I'm beginning to think that our wee one has/is going to have quite a wicked sense of humor from the sly little grins that appear on her face. She still doesn't respond much to zerberts, but she makes some fantastic squawking noises whenever Theron tickles her belly with his beard stubble!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

On Katrina

I don't know what else to say except, let's all do what ever we can to help.

A good cause

I'm putting the word out that my good friend and co-worker is participating in a run to raise funds for fighting ovarian cancer; a disease she is currently receiving treatment for. Below is her request for donations

Ovarian cancer affects 1 in every 55 women. I'm one of those women: I was diagnosed last October and am still undergoing chemotherapy. Unfortunately, most women--including me--are not diagnosed until after the cancer has spread because awareness of this cancer is low and its symptoms are so vague, they "whisper."

That's why I've entered the 7th Annual Boston 5K Run for the Whisper and am looking for sponsors to support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's efforts to increase awareness that will lead to earlier detection and longer survival for women with ovarian cancer. I'm hoping that you'll help, too, by making a donation in whatever amount you can afford.

And think of me on September 11, when I'll be running!


Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support National Ovarian Cancer Coalition- Massachusetts Division