Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rule #1: Don't let the small stuff get you down

Thanks everyone for being so supportive. I think it was just that everything had kind of built up and I had a mini breakdown. I know that Sylvie's issues are not big deals at all and we're doing everything we can to address what needs to be addressed. So she's small. So what?

Happy news: Sylvie has become a lean, mean (well, sweet actually) waving machine. She waves at stangers in stores and on buses. She waves at Theron and I. She waves at the cat, the dog, the Christmas tree and even the radio. She even sounds like shes saying "Hi!" in her cute Pebbles Flintstone's voice while doing it!

Can I hear you say "Awwwwww!"?


Aunt Janet said...

Sylvie's issues ARE big deals to you and Theron. She is your baby and everything that effects her effects you. It's good that her needs are being addresses. You still have emotions; don't deny them. You are entitled to your feelings. Your blog is an excellent forum to express what is going on. Keep it up!

River Mom said...

Hee hee I wonder how long it will be before people start oofering to buy her from you. We were offerd a months groceries for you and I recall being offered a room full of panaling for Manda! We decided to keep you both anyway ;o)

She may roll instead of crawl at all too. Lots of kids do then BIG SURPRISE! one day they are up and walking! They are all different and fun to watch. I have a feeling that she will be very active once she finds her feet!

aredubya said...

I'd be happy to be part of a fat transplant to help bulk her up. How about 50 pounds' worth?

Manda said...

Yea!! I bet you guys are going to be worn out by having to chase her around!!

You'll be child-proofing before you know it and wishing she was still just rolling around, you know when life was easier ;)

anyway, you're great parents you love your kid. And everyone loves you guys

Redpanda said...

Everyone is entitled to a mini-breakdown every now and again--I say it's cathartic and releasing.

You have a lot going on, a lot to deal with--you wouldn't be human if you didn't suffer mini-breakdowns.

Things'll be Ok, because things are always Ok. You just sometimes have to re-work your definition of "Ok", that's all.

And Amanda #1 is right--there are a lot of people who love you very much and will support you through anything life throws your way. :)

Paige said...

Wow...I know some people fear that the internet is lessening our social interactions and personal connections with family and friends but I think the opposite is true. Between your comments and e-mails and phone calls, I've been moved to both laugh and cry (in the good way).

We're very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.

Anonymous said...

You realise now, that if I had a kid, it would be almost tall, and Sylvie would be almost short, and they will bicker and bicker over their sizes for the years and years of their friendship.