Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Looong overdue (and from what I hear, much anticipated)...Sylvie photos! Plus bonus material!

September/Seattle Trip

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19 months old today!
Today Sylvie is 19 months old and to celebrate, we took her to have a renal ultrasound...ok, the truth is she was due for a follow-up with her urologist and we just happened to get an appointment for today. She held quite still and didn't fuss once throughout the procedure. Even better, the ultrasound showed everything to be a-ok so we don't have to follow-up again for 2-3 years. Yay!

She was weighed and measured as per usual and her stats were:
18lbs 10oz
(she was clothed and wearing a possibly wet diaper, so she's probably more like 18lbs 5oz)
length 28.5"
(which is 1.5" less than we were told at her 18 month appointment so let's just say she's 29"+/- 1")

Walkin' anduh talkin'
She took her sweet time but at long last our wee one is walking! She's still pretty unsteady on her feet but she's taking more and more independent steps everyday. Sometimes she insists on wearing her little black mary janes before she'll walk...pointing at them insistently and saying "sooz! sooz!" She then very helpfully sticks a foot in the air to indicate where the shoe is to be placed. She is very particular to her black shoes which might be a problem soon because I don't think she'll fit into them much longer. Just another bridge to cross...

Sylvie's teeth are also finally starting to fill out (fill in?) and we are now up to SIX with a couple more clearly on the way. we're doing our best to include more and more 'grown-up' food in her diet now that she can actually chew and she's eaten almost one whole chicken nugget cut up into small pieces! Other foods she likes include: spinach with cream cheese, corn, green beans, apple, pear, peach, banana, grapes, assorted cheeses, goldfish crackers, cheesy poofs (the organic 'healthy' kind...hey she needs the fat!), bits o' veggie burger, refried beans, ramen noodles and she just loooves guacamole. Oddly though she is only mildly interested in icecream and pudding! Go figure.

Rainbow bright
Since Sylvie sometimes eats better when she's distracted, we've done various things in the past to keep her entertained enough to keep on eating; blow bubbles or read stories, etc. We recently made some color flash cards (ie. squares of colored paper "laminated" with packing tape) to show her at mealtimes, along with signing and saying the colors. We'll ask her to identify the colors one by one and she gets 'em right about 80% of the time. (She seems to have the most trouble with orange and green.) Do we have another artist on our hands? Man, I hope not...hey kid, PLEASE don't follow in our footsteps! Be a lawyer or a doctor or...President! pressure, Sylvie.


Marla said...

LOVE the Seattle pix! Amazing how our kids shrink between doctor appointments. . .Sara has seen a few specialists in the past 2 weeks, as well as her 18-month doctor visit yesterday, and the measurements have been SURPRISINGLY consistent at 29 inches. Looking at the girls side by side, Sylvie (minus the shoes) and Sara are pretty close in height so 29 inches or so sounds right.

RiverG'ma said...

GREAT Pictures! well worth the wait. I have tears in my eyes from laughing at Jack in the red wig...looks just like a Cabbage patch kid. The black on he looks like a china doll. And that one with Moose and Harriet??? I ROLLED. I am so glad all went well at the ultrasound. I can't WAIT to see Sylvie walking and doing all the things she is doing now. Only a few more weeks!

Kelly Ogden said...

Sylvie is getting so big and is just adorbale! She is doing wonderfully. WTG on the walking and all the talking! Take care!