Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second---and hopefully FINAL--heart procedure

Tomorrow morning, Sylvie will be having a follow up cardiac procedure to close off the PDA that was unsuccessfully ligated during her open heart surgery last year. Luckily, this procedure is much less invasive. A tiny stainless steel wire, or coil, will be placed in the PDA via a catheter threaded through the femoral artery and vein via a small incision in Sylvie's groin while she is under concious sedation instead of general anesthesia. We've been assured that Children's Hospital performs several of these procedures each day and that the risk associated is akin to having one's tonsils or appendix removed. In fact, it's considered an outpatient procedure in most cases and in all likelihood we'll be on our way home by late afternoon.

While we are not 100% relaxed and at ease with the situation by any means, we are far less freaked out than we were last time. However, any and all thoughts/prayers/healing energies etc you'd care to send our girl's way tomorrow are very much appreciated!

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Marla said...

If Sara's cardiologist ever decides to close up her PDA, I'm going to steal your one sentence description of the procedure; you're really great at the medical Cliff Notes. Thinking of Sylvie today and waiting to hear the news that all went smoothly and successfully!