Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fenugreek is my galactagogue...AGAIN

I've always thought that people who breast fed their kids for 2+ years were a bit crazy. When a kid can walk over to you and yank up your shirt and nurse while standing, or can ask, "muhmah, might I have a nip o' the nip?" then they are WAY too old to be hanging off your tit in my opinion.

I still believe this, but to each her own I suppose.

My point, however, is that I can understand the desire to prolong the closeness that only comes with breast feeding. My experience with it, aside from a slight difficulty in getting Sylvie to stay latched on in the beginning, has been mostly easy and painless. I love how her little hand waves around like a piece of seaweed in a current, sometimes reaching to touch my face or wrapping around my finger while she nurses.

But despite the fact that I've not reduced the number of daily feedings or pumpings, my supply is once again dwindling. I've heard that some babies self-wean, but Sylvie is as eager for the boob juice as ever she was...I know this because when I pick her up out of her crib each morning or after I get home from work she immediately plants her face against my chest/shoulder/arm and begins hoovering away; our little space baby in search of the milky way.

I'm taking fenugreek again but so far it is not having the desired effect. Is my body ready to wean Sylvie even if I am not?

Stupid body.

Well, I suppose some breast milk is better than none. Luckily, she tolerates an occasional bottle of supplemental formula and she certainly loves her solid food!


cheri getty said...

breastfeeding is so sweet and wonderful....i miss the days....hope the weaning goes smoothly and according to sylvie and not your body being ready to quit now----but your body might be saying, enough is enough.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

You are lucky to have been able to breastfeed. Do it as much as you can, even if your supply is not as much... because soon enough, she will be eating mostly solids and you won't need as much anyway!
I wasn't able to-- so I have been pumping solely for the 5+ months since Grace came. Believe me when I say, you're the lucky one! I have less of the 'bond' because my husband feeds her since it takes me 2X as long to pump as it does for her to eat and I can't do both! Enjoy it!!!!!