Monday, October 31, 2005

October Sylvie photos

October has been a great month for our girl...she's pretty much figured out the whole cause and effect thing (drop toy, mom or dad picks up toy, rinse, repeat), is very close to being able to sit up on her own and is making a few almost crawling movements. Her vocalizations are increasing in variety with cute experiments in tempo, pitch and musicality. In fact, Theron swears she sang the first few bars of the Beach Boy's "Barbra Ann" recently. Another neat thing she's started doing is showing/sharing with us her toys. For example, she'll intently examine one of the dangly bits on her whozit, such as the fuzzy orange heart or the green polkadotted ring, and then hold it out to us. Is it silly that I take this as a sign that she's a clever kid?

This month we had a ton of photo ops so we've posted not one but TWO sets. The first set features photos of Sylvie with some of her visiting Alabama family: Great Aunt Janet, Great Uncle Tom, first-cousin-once-removed Brian, his wife Liz and their daughter Taylor who is Sylvie's 2nd cousin. (I think I've got the familial relationships correct!) Other pictures include Sylvie in her "new" highchair attempting to use a sippy cup, taking a spin in her "Space Rover" and relaxing after a prize fight...or was it a bath? the scrumptiously soft robe she received from DoahDear.

The second round contains photos of our lil punkin Sylvie amidst witches and hay bales during our trip into Salem and, decked out in her official Space Baby uniform, making a brief appearance at her first Halloween party. There are also some insanely adorable shots with her G'ma Judy who visited just this past week and was kind enough to babysit so that Space Ghost('s evil twin) and the "Milky Way" were able to stay out and par-TAY at Amanda and Sean's 4th Annual Halloween Spookstravaganza.


Doah said...

If I was the type to Squeee! And hop up and down flapping my hands, I'd be doing that right now. Such a cutey. Love the pigtails.

cheri getty said...

she is so precious...i love the first shot of her in her highchair...the look on her face is a little disgruntled but oh so cute.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Sylive is just a cutie!! She looks to be a really happy baby, I'm sure you're a great Mommy!

Anonymous said...

You made her head a pumpkin???? Whats next, a snowman?

oh dear.. I can see it now. ;-)

Super Cool Auntie Suz must come to the rescue!! Its Fashion Emergency 911 - this week we do the newest hemline for babies- footies!!!!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Tootsie Roll pictures are ready, at your request.