Friday, November 04, 2005

Funky Helmet, Helmet's got the Funk!

Sylvie is 8 months old today! She's getting so big now; still on the lean side but long. Just this morning she demonstrated a new trick; one-handed clapping! Er, sort of. To explain---often while nursing Sylvie will smack her free open hand against my chest repeatedly. I started to put my hand in between hers and my chest, moving it counter to hers so that we were in effect clapping. When I first began to do this she seemed irritated and would grab at my fingers and pull my hand down as if to get it out of the way of hers. But this morning, she appeared to catch on to what I was doing and stopped nursing to focus on our clapping. Theron was watching and after we'd clapped a few times, she'd look up at him and smile really big as if to say, "See how well I've got mommy trained?"

She goes back to the doctor's office today for an assessment of her noggin. Please keep all relevant body appendages crossed that she will soon be free of her helmet. It really hasn't bothered her much to wear the helmet, but despite swabbings with alcohol and antibacterial stuff and coatings of cornstarch to absorb wetness, it kinda stinks like an old shoe. What can I say, my kid has a sweaty head.

This evening, Theron and I are interviewing a daycare provider who is based back in Watertown. We've heard great things about this place and while it's not overly convenient to our new digs, it's close to the design studio where Theron often does contract work. In fact, he's been offered a full time contract job until the end of January. We keep hoping that it'll become permanent, so keep those relevant appendages crossed for that to happen too.


Chloe said...

Now you know the sound of one hand clapping. Sylvie is probably a Buddhist prophet!

River Mom said...

LOL well, she IS a peace baby!