Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January Sylvie Pictures

I apologize for having not posted in such a long time, but it's really not from lack of wanting to post. It's just that our DSL provider is crap and so we had no connection for the past week or so. But here I am, back to the blogging and with new photos of our wee one!

This last month has been really amazing, seeing how Sylvie is growing and changing every day. Although she hasn't added any new words to her vocabulary aside from the ones I've already mentioned, she uses the ones she has ALOT. Especially "kitty" and "daddy". Boy, does she love that kitty. Kih-tee...kit-tee...kitty!...kih...tee...or sometimes just kee! I was dangling one of Sylvie's little combs in front of Smudge the other day and when Smudge went after it Sylvie thought it was THE MOST HYSTERICAL THING EVER. She was laughing almost nonstop! We tried to get some video of it but by the time we got the camera set up she was mostly over it and would only cackle a bit. That's her usual way with humorous things; it's hysterical, then funny, then mildly amusing and then she may smile about it or she may not.

Some her other new skills include:
Putting one of her colored stacking rings back on the pole. She did it a few times so I know it wasn't a fluke. I told her she'll have to show daddy when he gets home and she immediately started looking around and saying, "Daddy? Daddy?"

Flipping through her books and pointing at various pictures. We have a little especially-for-babies photo album that was a gift from one of my cousins (thanks Amy!) and Sylvie loves to look at it and point out her daddy's picture. Right now every picture is daddy to her, even the ones of mommy, so we're still working on that one.

Trying to work the "I'm-too-sleepy-to-eat-right-now" con. She'll start rubbing her eyes very dramatically, much more so than when she really is tired, when she's decided she's had enough solids. But once you take her out of her high chair she's suddenly wide awake!

She's also started to appreciate music and will even wave her hands to the beat sometimes, especially when I sing the ABC song while changing her diaper. (If you can call that music.)

And the cutest new trick of all is that she will try to comb her own hair. Sometimes, she'll even be holding the comb the right way when she does it!


River Mom said...

I hope this means we will be seeing you on line again too! GREAT pictures as always ;o)
Love you all! ;o*

Manda said...

I hope so too!! It's so neat to hear how Sylvie is growing and learning new things. I think it's even neater (neater?) that you are so happy to see them and tell other about them.

It's very obvious that you love your baby!! I hope I convey that much when Jack comes along!! I'm sure I will, I just can't wait is all ;)