Friday, March 17, 2006

Just a quickie...

Yes, yes, I KNOW I've become less than regular with my blogging but any of you who have or have had small children probably know why. I promise a much longer post about our trip to Savannah for Manda's baby shower and Jessica's bridal tea v. soon but right now all I have time for is a little bit of bragging about our baby girl.

New skills she has aquired recently include:
*spreading arms wide (or sometimes just one) in response to the question, "How big is Sylvie?"
*pointing at herself in response to the question "Where's the baby?"
*self feeding with spoon (see photos in post below)
*having her blood drawn in a much more nonchalant and mature way than her mother was able to do until she was in her late teens. (She had a blood draw yesterday that lasted for a couple of minutes because they needed to take quite a bit of blood. She never cried once but only fussed impatiently at being restrained during the procedure. If I didn't know better I'd wonder if she were really my child since I am and always have been a big whiner about needles.)


Manda said...

when have you ever been mature about getting your blood drawn? You always go doesn't even hurt getting your blood drawn, you drama queen! LOL Just teasing.

I knew Sylvie wanted to feed herself when you guys were down here cause she kept reaching for the spoon. Isn't it just so awesome to see her growing up in so many ways? I can't wait to see Jack doing these of now he has been constantly moving for the third day now!! Maybe it's just becuase he's getting so big and his activity hasn't actually increased but he's wearing me out by moving so much!

Slimy Muck Ball said...

I made a comment earlier today but it didn't post for some reason...
Ok I second Manda's comment..since WHEN? Late teens?? Nay nay...maybe late 20's! lol Sylvie is growing leaps and bounds. Donna and I had so much fun teaching her 'SO BIG' in the car and my arms are still tired from holding her up so she could see the baby in the mirror over M&T's couch. I was not the only one doing that since I noticed a lot of Sylvie prints on that mirror! I hope we can get you guys up here this summer so Syl can meet Victoria. She is two months older then Syl and weighs in at about 20 pounds. Cutie too. I think they would hit it off well. I had hoped to introduce them when you were here last time but with Sylvie not feeling good I didn't think it wise. Maybe this summer they can splash in a kiddy pool together. Can you say Photo Op?