Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sylvie's first birthday!!!

Has it really been a whole year already? Has it really been 365 days since our wee one switched from quasi-amphibian to full on oxygen breather?
Wow...just wow.

Amazing to think how different she is now from when she first came into our lives, all blob-like and covered in cream cheese. Amazing to realize that so many of the feelings that I'd felt before her birth, and thought were the deepest most profound emotions one could have, were but ripples on the surface of what I realize I am capable of experiencing now.

A couple of people I'll call "Stinky-Goo-Head" and "Slimy-Muck-Ball" (please know these are actually terms of great affection) have told me that I worry too much about Sylvie's various and sundry health issues. I don't agree; I think I worry about as much as your average new parent. However, I do probably harp on the more negative things health wise with Sylvie on this blog...mostly because I need to vent about them. And I'll admit that I've worried incessantly about Sylvie's growth and weight gain (or lack thereof) and I've filled sheet after sheet of paper with the details of Sylvie's diet, what she's eaten, how many calories she's taken in in a given day. I've worried about how she's yet to crawl or pull up or stand unassisted especially when I've been around other moms whose children, though a month or two younger than Sylvie, are 10 lbs heavier and toddling around like pros. I know that all kids develop differently and at their own rates, yet I've worried. But the other day, I was paging through What to Expect the First Year, something I do only rarely because it has so often fed my fears rather than soothed them and I happened to read the milestones for a kid her age and I gotta tell ya...she's above average on just about everything but the standing up thing. I've been afraid to be "that mom", ya know, the one who goes on and on about how gifted her kid is and such. Well, forget that, because I'm going to take this opportunity to puff up with mommy pride and relate to you all of the things our Sylvie is doing.

She speaks!
momma, daddy, kitty, doggy, Izzy, booby (and yes it means she wants mama juice), hi and bye (with a wave!) and mmm! (which doubles for "I'm hungry" and "that looks tasty can I try some?")

Sylvie the Action Figure!
clapping, pointing, "conducting", "singing" and bouncing to music, can roll a ball back and forth to us, plays peekabo, stacks/unstacks rings, recognizes people in photos AND she's finally started pulling up into a standing position with a little help from Theron and I.

She's just incredible, our girl. Everyday she grows more and more amazing and beautiful Just wow.
Happy birthday baby!
Love, mommy and daddy.


Doah said...

Woah - Sylvie has changed a lot in the short time since she was here. I swear, looking more like a little girl now than a baby!

From someone who's seen what she can do with them, Sylvie is very aware of her legs and getting them into all sorts of once she figures out "Hey these things can support my weight!" Watch Out!

Manda said...

Happy Birthday Sylvie!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!
She's growin more and more beautiful everyday!!
I think it shows how much you love and feel for Sylvie that you worry as much as you do.

We only tell you not to worry so much as we don't want you to be to downhearted and unhappy. It's because we love you that we tell you not to're gonna anyway and that's the way it should be!

I agree with Doah, once she gets her bearings about her, you guys will be run ragged!! I've been saying it for ages, and now it's starting to come true!

See you guys tomorrow!!

G'ma Linda said...

She is absolutely perfect as far as I am concerned. When she starts to move, she will not stop..........too smart, too curious. Enjoy to semi seditary state as long as you can because you will be run ragged soon. I can't wait. Poor Izzy and Smudge. No more peace for them either. She is so special.....just like her parents.
G'ma Linda

KatieJoeandGrace said...

She is so cute!
I know how you feel with the time flying by! Grace is almost 10 months, on Saturday, and it's been so amazing! More than I ever thought it could be! I love being a parent! So, I know exactly how you feel and what it's like to go through all the firsts!
Happy Birthday Sylvie!