Sunday, April 30, 2006

April Sylvie photos

Yes folks, believe it or not, for once I am actually on time with posting the monthly photos . Sylvie has experienced two breakthroughs this month: 1) she can pull herself into a standing position and 2) her lower left central incisor! Ladies and gentlemen...she FINALLY HAS A TOOTH! And it looks as the the lower right central incisor will be popping through the gum any day now as well. Luckily, she's had no obvious discomfort while teething and I'm hoping that holds true for all the rest of the pearly-whites-to-be. As for the weaning, it has gone extremely smoothly for both of us. I had the one bad day early on and I finally went ahead and boobed Sylvie to ease the pressure. Then we went another couple of days without and I developed a sore spot on one side, (presumably a blocked duct), that I again relieved with nursing Sylvie. I coud tell though that my milk was just about gone. At this point, I'm pretty sure that the dairy has closed down until future child(ren). Bye bye, boobs....Thaaaaanks foooor the maaaamarieeees...hyuck, hyuck.


Doah said...

Ha HA! First comment suckas! Yay for first teeth and for standing! Her personality is really shining through in these photos. I'm so jealous of her hair. I call Owain's "duck fluff"

G'ma River said...

Way to Go Sylvie Bean!

Manda said...

Yea Sylvie!! Auntie Manda knew you could do it!!! Uncle Travis couldn't be prouder!!!

Congratulations on your new tooth!!

Honorary G'ma Donna said...

Woohoo Sylvie! Miss you!

KatieJoeandGrace said...

What a doll! She is so cute! I love her hair-- Grace has almost none, and what she does have is so blond that you can hardly tell she has it!
She has just started standing and pushing her small walker to move SLOWLY across the floor! Won't be long until those first steps-- such a milestone, I can't wait! But I'm dreading it at the same time, knowing I will constantly worry about what she is into and where she is running to!
What a great time with our babies, developing their personality and character!
God Bless you and Sylvie!