Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May Sylvie photos

I may be getting paranoid in my old age but I'd prefer to think that I am just being cautious; I've password protected Sylvie's photos.
Obviously, I can't post the password here or it would kinda defeat the purpose of having one, so those of you who would like to continue to see Sylvie's monthly photos, send me an e-mail and once I have verified that you are not one of those creepy guys from Dateline's "To Catch a Predator", then I'll send you the password.

Our gal is doing very well, in every way these days. She's crawling like a pro now and almost ready to start walking. She conitnues to add new words to her vocabulary, both vocal and sign, and has developed some very cute habits, such as:

"talking on the phone"-- said phone being her playphone, a spoon, a toy, a doll or even her own fist. She will jabber away, quite aggressively, in a language that sounds like a cross between Russian and Klingon until she very sweetly says, "bye!" Trying to get her to talk on an actual phone when someone is on the other end is another story however as she would rather just push the buttons.

"ticky,ticky"-- whenever we tickle Sylvie we have taken to saying "ticky, ticky" while doing it. She has adopted our habit and loves to poke us in the ribs or belly while saying "ticky, ticky!"

"good doggy...I mean daddy"--sometimes Sylvie decided that we have been especially good parents and favors us with head pats. She'll gesture for Theron to bend his head toward her and she will pat it. Then she will do the same to me, and the cycle repeats numerous times. All the while she murmurs approvingly because we are such good doggies...I mean parents.

"feed the parents"-- this actually started a few months back but I don't believe I've written about it yet. Sylvie likes to pretend to pinch off our moles (and in Theron's case chest hair) and then pretend to feed them to us. Sometimes she "snacks" on them herself. Disgustingly cute or cutely disgusting? You decide.

Speaking of feeding, Sylvie has begun to catch up some on her weight gain. At her last appointment with her nutritionist, we learned that she had gained 2lbs in two months (yay!) and is now back on a growth curve, if still below the 5th percentile. We also saw her cardiologist this past week and he said that things looked the same as before so no immediate steps needed to be taken to address her heart defects. We go back to see him in a year for another checkup and to discuss plans for her surgery, which will probably be done sometime before she turns 5. He has assured us that the surgery is quite common these days so, while we're not thrilled with the prospect, we know that she needs to have it. Next week, Sylvie sees her pediatrician for her 15 month checkup and a week later, she'll see her GI again. I'm hoping that the GI will no longer see the need fot a gtube once she's seen how well Sylvie's been gaining weight on her own. Keep your fingers, toes, eyes...whatever you can cross, crossed!


River Grandma said...

Great Pics Paige as always. We can't wait to see her agian in July. We go to see Jack on web cam tonight and he is a cutie too. We are so lucky to have our two beautiful Grand kids! Thanks!;o*

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Sounds like fun. Our doctor is concerned about Grace not talking as much. I'm not too worried because she does her signs so well! And I also think the multiple ear infections have a lot to do with that!
We're on the verge of walking too-- fun stuff! :-)
Have a great week!

Suz said...

Can I get a password? :-)