Tuesday, June 06, 2006

15 Month check-up

Sylvie had her 15 month pediatric appointment today and --Huzzah!-- all we heard was good news. Her currents measurements are 29.5" long and 16#10oz. which puts her in the 15th and 3rd percentiles for height and weight respectively. Dr. G was very pleased with her growth and also with her language skills which, according to her, are rather above average. Dr. G was then moved almost to tears (I kid you not) when after having apologized in advance for having to give Sylvie two shots, Sylvie hugged her and gave her a comforting pat on the back. (We didn't tell her that Sylvie almost always pats a person on the back when they hold her). Of course, poor Sylvie still screamed her head off when she got the shots, but she recovered quickly. The doctor said that based on Sylvie's current rate of growth length-wise, she would quite likely reach a final height of between 5'-5'5". If this proves to be the case, then I guess she won't be so "wee" after all!


Marla said...

I think you must mean 3rd% for weight and 15th for height. Great growth in just a couple of months - yay Sylvie! We already knew her langauge skills were amazing!

Paige said...

D'oh! You're right Marla.I'll just switch those numbers around now.

KatieJoeandGrace said...

Oh, I hate doing the shots. But glad she recovered quickly!
she is doing great with language skills-- Grace is SO far behind and the doctor is worried about that. I'm afraid it's because of learning so many signs too, but you do that too, right? Oh well, it will be fine I'm sure.

Paige said...

I've heard of kids who don't start talking until much later than average but when they do, it's in complete sentences. I'm sure Sylvie will start walking and Grace will start talking well within a "normal" time frame even though they may do it later than the "average" baby.

We just have to keep the faith sister! :)