Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long overdue post part 2: School is IN..and off to a bumpy start

Because of Sylvie's stomach bug, she unfortunately missed her last EI playgroup on Monday and what would have been her first day of school on it wasn't until Wednesday that our girl began her student life. Theron and I took her into school so that we could meet the teacher and her aides and see what the classroom was like. It was quite spacious and had it's own bathroom--a side benefit of this school is that they help potty train! Sylvie seemed immediately to feel at home and wandered around the room looking at all the varied activities available to her. Once the other five kids arrived and the teacher got them all together for their morning circle, Theron and I snuck out marveling at how amazing it is that our daughter is in school!

I dropped Theron off at the T station so he could get to work and then I went home to our weirdly empty house. It was just a few hours later when I got a call for the school nurse; the teacher had concerns about Sylvie's hands being cold and bluish. I let her know that it wasn't an unusual occurrence for Sylvie and that I too had poor circulation in my extremities. I think they were being extra cautious because of her history of cardiac issues which I definitely appreciated. When the school bus (which is actually a van) dropped her off later that afternoon, she seemed very happy to be home but not especially tired from her first full day at school.

Each child in the class has a folder that comes home each day with daily status reports for us parents; if the child had a good day/tired day/hard day what activities they participated in how much (if any) of their snack or lunch they ate etc. There's also usually a personal note about any special accomplishments or troubles on that day. They kept things light on her first day and basically just let her explore the room on demand. According to the day's note, Sylvie especially loved the rice table and classroom computer!

Sylvie's second day was the bumpiest so far...literally. About an hour after we put her on the bus to school, I got another call from the nurse; this time because Sylvie had fallen and hit her head right after arriving at the school. Apparently, the teacher had taken her off the bus and was helping another kid off who decided to make a break for it in the direction of the street. In grabbing the runaway, Sylvie was accidentally knocked off balance and fell. The nurse said that Sylvie was fine but had a large goose egg on her forehead and that the teacher felt terrible. Of course I wasn't thrilled to hear that this had happened but I am aware that accidents do occur and there have been days when Sylvie sported two lumps on her forehead from tumbles she took at home so I assured the nurse that as long as Sylvie was ok then I was ok too.

Guess who called me AGAIN a few hours later?
The school nurse.

Sylvie had bumped her head a second time, this time after tipping over backwards in her chair. The nurse assured me that she'd checked her out again and that Sylvie was fine...but that the poor teacher was practically in tears at this point!

Despite her bumpy second day at school, Sylvie came home in a fine mood. And though she was indeed sporting an enormous scraped knot on her forehead her 'voluminous' hair seemed to have provided enough cushioning to prevent a bump on the back of her head.

Sylvie has been a preschooler for almost a month now and seems to be enjoying it...and we've not had (and hopefully won't have) anymore calls from the school nurse!

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G'ma J said...

Happy she is doing well and enjoying it all. Good for her. ;o)