Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The dreadful irony of Sylvie wearing a sleeper with the words "if they could just stay little" written all over it

I haven't been blogging my usual amount because Sylvie hasn't been taking her usual naps. Lately she's only been going down for one long nap in the afternoon and also since Theron's contract ended he's been on the computer most of the time he's home trying to find a full time job. I just don't get as much of a chance to get on myself anymore. But since Sylvie is asleep right now and Theron is out running errands it's alllll mine, bwa-ha-ha!

We FINALLY heard from Early Intervention; in fact our PT is supposed to come by today at 4:30. I'd called her and left a message yesterday morning and when I didn't hear back I called the director and left her a message this morning and our assigned PT either heard from above to contact us or just got around to checking her messages. I guess we'll see how today goes. I'm very much hoping that Sylvie's gross motor skills will get back on target with this therapy. I know al kids develop at their own rate but it's hard seeing babies 2+ months younger than her who are walking around when she's not even crawling.

Sylvie had stomach bug this past Friday night/Saturday morning. I've been more than a little nervous about maintaining her hydration but she seems to be ok. We've been struggling to get her to eat more since she pretty much only had breastmilk for a day and a half, then she'd take yogurt, maybe 2oz at a time and finally she's started back on dinners, but she'll still only take 1.5-2oz at a time of them. So much for increasing her calorie intake. We're supposed to go see the nutritionist again tomorrow. I'm so afraid that she and the GI are going to insist that Sylvie needs a gtube. If she really does, then of course we'll do it but I so hope to avoid having to go that route. At our GI appointment last week, the doctor expressed concern that Sylvie's weight had not appreciably changed since she saw her a month prior and did mention the possibility of needing a gtube. However, she wasn't pushing for it just yet, so there is hope we won't have to use one. But Sylvie having been sick twice now obviously isn't helping her gain weight.

What's really scary is that before Sylvie was sick the first time, she was eating A LOT and still her weight gain was slowing. Now that she's been sick twice and is eating so much less...It just makes me feel so daggum helpless.


Manda said...

I wish there was something I could do to help. Not only with Sylvie gaining weight and gross motor skills but also to help you feel less helpless. Guess I'll know what it's like with Jack comes along and he gest sick...I'm hoping he gets his daddy's immune system, he never gets sick, btu when he does he gets really sick but only for a very short time and recovers quickly.

I can't wait to see you guys for the shower too! If Sylvie needs a Gtube when would that be introduced?
I'll see if my friend Lyndsy has any suggestions for helping sylvie build up strength. She's a full PT now, she may be at my baby shower too!! Ok this is too long I'm ending it LOL


Doah said...

Stay strong. I can't say anything about the Gtube except I hope it doesn't happen that way but as for development - Owain is not turning over! I am certainly angsty seeing that he's what - 3 months behind in this! Also, I recall that Victoria never crawled - not one butt shuffle. She went from sitting up to standing up to walking - that was just her thing. Sylvie's looking so damn cute these days, maybe that's where all her effort is expended.

So there you go. Anyhow. Good luck with your PT.

Anonymous said...

I know those tubes are hard - my cousin Stacy's little boy Nathan had one for a while. (You might remember the shy/wild little boy from the lighting party) It's very hard, but hang in there - it worked great for Nathan. Love you! I got a great little toy for Sylvie which is also good for the fine motor skills - its a pretzel ball!!!!
I love you guys.

Beverly McAlister said...

i know God is in control and i know she'll be fine, i'll definately pray for her healing and for you and theron to have peace. fear not, perfect love casts out all fear!

elizabeth said...

Taylor had a short stint with Early Intervention and it's a GREAT program. Ariel (Taylor's cousin) has too and also did great with it. For Taylor, we had to give her tummy time to build those tummy muscles and she, of course, HATED it. That's what was hard for us - making her do things she hated to do but knowing we had to if she was going to hit those milestones. If you continue having trouble with the PT, don't be afraid to call and request someone else. Give her/him a chance, though.

Love y'all!

cheri getty said...

my youngest daughter didn't crawl till she was 11 months, and then walked when she was 16 months...she was just content sitting most of the time....and now next month she'll turn 2 and she's running around like a wild woman....

Marla said...

I felt a little strange having Sara wear her "Toothless Fairy" onesie when I found out that kids with Noonan often get their teeth very late, but Sara now has two teeth and Sylvie will not be little forever. Considering how quickly she went from not being able to sit at all to sitting longer and with better posture than any other babies I've ever seen, I'm suspect that once she starts crawling and walking, she'll excel!

Paige said...

Thanks again to everybody for all of your's so very nice to have when I'm feeling weighed down with worry and frustration. Now that she is fully over her last tummy bug, Sylvie has started to eat more (still not as much as we'd like, but more is a lot when she was hardly eating at all).

Manda said...

I don't know how long I was crawling but I've been told that I didn't start walking till I was 14 months.

I think those milestone ages they talk so much about are guidelines. Sure some kids are a bit slower then others and some have physical reasons for the delay but I think no matter what, all kids do things in their own time. All you can do is encourage your kid to do the best they can.

I know Sylvie will do well in all she things she tries because she's got such great parents!!! It's obvious in your voices how much you love her even when you've just gotten out of the shower cleaning vomit off yourself. It's amazing to me! The love not the vomit ;)