Sunday, February 26, 2006

February Sylvie photos, our visit to Toronto and two visits from Pepe Le Pew

Recently, we spent a week in the company of some of our Canadian friends and Sylvie's quasi- ex-pat grandparents. Here is our story.


No, there are no actual Law & Order elements to this story (thank goodness!), I just couldn't help myself.

Our pal Sean, soon to be wed to the lovely Amanda, drove us to the airport bright and early for our 9:30am flight...which morphed into our 11:55am flight. As a result, we were stuck at the airport for about 4 hours having arrived 2 hrs early for the international flight as recommended. Sigh. The flight itself was uneventful and Sylvie was a perfect angel the whole time. Upon preparing to deboard the plane, a guy sitting behind us noticed our girl and said in a slightly shocked voice, "I had no idea there was a baby there! I've never had that happen before!"

We took a cab to mom and dad's new home. Dad had taken off of work early in order to meet us as mom was herself flying back from a florist gig in DC the same day. It was our first time seeing their place and it's really, REALLY nice; spacious and airy, with plenty of wall space for their extensive art collection. They also have some great neighbors, several of whom we met while attending their weekly card night.

Theron, Sylvie and I had the bad luck to all come down with some variation of cold/flu/infection which wasn't fun. Sylvie especially was wheezy and coughing and her nose was running like a faucet. (I bore many a shiny snail-trail across my chest from being a convenient nose wiping device while holding her.) We bought her some infant cough and decongestant drops which a) did little good and b) kept her awake allll night which did us little good. We took her in to see mom and dad's GP who kindly agreed to see her the next day and he diagnosed her with her very first bronchial and ear infection. (Not only does our kid like to get sick at less than opportune of times...she also does a very thorough job of it!) We got a prescription for amoxicillin aka that "yummy" pink goo as well as not one, but TWO inhalers. Sylvie was much more amenable to taking the pink goo although she was apt to let it ooze out of the side of her mouth if we don't keep an eye on her but she was not a fan of the breathing treatments which had to be administered through an Aerochamber MAX (with mask). Luckily with a little encouragmetn (read, lots of cheering and hand-clapping afterwards) Sylvie began to take her breathing treatments like a pro and now claps cheerfully for herself after completing them. Only a few more days to go and she's done with 'em. Despite her illness, Sylvie had great fun beating up on G'pa Dave and learning a new fave song from G'ma Judy: the Banana Splits theme song. She also made out like a bandit gift wise. Some of the things she received include: a stuffed cat, stacking/nesting boxes, a set of instruments (most of which stayed with the g'parents for future visits), a prism to hang in her window back home and even two dolls from a friendly neighbor lady.

During our visit we also went into Toronto proper for an overnight stay with the always awesome Wilson-Cox family, aka Doah, Al and Owain. Doah and I have known each other since we were angst-ridden (is there any other kind?) teenagers and it was kinda neat watching our two offspring playing together...or at least playing near each other. I guess we'll have to wait a few years before we'll get to hear such cries as, "Mooom! s/he took my toy! Moooooom! I don't want to play with a (snear of disgust) girl/boy!" Doah took us a for a walk around a near by honest-to-god working farm where Sylvie got to see her first real live farm animals.

Another old highschool buddy of mine, Dorie, lives in the same building as Doah and was able to join us all for dinner at a little pub around the corner later that evening. By keeping the kids placated with tastes of our food (esp. Sylvie who loved bits of my steak and mushroom pie as well as Theron's liver and mashed potatoes), we five adults managed to carry on quite a lively conversation although I know Theron and Al had a few (ok, several) eye-rolling-there-they-go-again moments when us three gals reminisced about our school days.

The next day, Doah, Al and Owain took us for a long stroll through some of the local places of interest including Kensington Market where they treated us to some fantastically tasty portuguese custard tarts from a neighborhood bakery. Their generosity did not stop there as later Doah purchased two gifts for Sylvie: an Ugly doll and a beautiful tutu made out of sheer red ribbon tipped with tiny red ribbon roses, which I can hardly wait for Sylvie to be dancing around in. Thanks again Doah!

Alas, our time together had to come to an end and so we said our goodbyes, grabbed our overnight bag and hopped a streetcar-subway-GO train back to Ajax to spend one last night with the g'parents before our return to the States.

Meanwhile, back in good ol' MA...

Cousin Chloe, who was kind enough to dog/cat sit for us while we were out of the country, was having quite a run of bad luck. First, Izzy got into a box of chocolates, which as any dog owner knows is not a good thing. Luckily Izzy puked up most of what she'd eaten and and while under careful observation by Chloe exhibited no further symptoms of chocolate poisoning. Then poor Chloe had a bout of food poisoning herself and while still recovering from it had to deal with Izzy who had a run in with the business end of a SKUNK. Yikes! After a couple of dousings with tomato juice and Pantene Pro V, Izzy smelled less skunk-like and more as if she'd just had a perm by the time we got back home.

You'd think that Izzy would have learned her lesson from the first skunk incident,,,but no. We'd been home only a few days when she came in from being in the backyard drooling, pawing at her snout and reeking of skunk musk. Theron bravely took it upon himself to bathe our pungent pooch, using another recipe (as seen on episode 16 of Mythbusters) of peroxide, baking soda and dog shampoo. Then thanks to Oust, scented candles and occasionally cracking the wondows despite the freezing temps, our home no longer stinks of parfum de pepe le pew.

P.S. Here are the February photos. I figured I had to put them at the end to make you read the whole posting.


Doah said...

Okay - I know whereof I speak - if the dog is still stanky - VINEGAR, mix with dishsoap and water and spritz all over. The sad news is that the nose leather soaks in the smell and Izzy can be counted on to pong when wet for a few MONTHS yet.

The Original Gomez said...

No more "neighbors below us". Meg and I miss the Wee-Wallis Clan. Seems you're all doing great. What a quick year. Wish Sylvie a Happy B-Day for us. Come visit soon... it's never really cold here.

G'ma Linda said...

Thanks for all the photos. I really miss you guys when I see them. I love the birthday photos also. A year old......oh my. Where did the time go?
I sais that on Friday. My son is 31! I am in awe. I can remember bringing him home from the hospital. Scared to death that I wouldn't know what to do. The Lord had pity and helped me along....with the help of my sister and mother-in-law. He was a good baby. What a blessing. Sylvie is an excellant baby. Good parenting shows!
G'ma Linda